Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy 2007

As 2006 ends and 2007 begins, I would like to start a blog covering colon cancer new, sports that are mostly local and politics which are all local. I few things in 2006 that I could look back on with some pride. I actively called on the PA State Legislature to pass SB635. This bill would have mandated insurance companies to cover colon cancer screening. I also actively campaigned for Representative-Elect Chris Carney of PA-10. Congressman Sherwood's private life didn't come into play for me, but his rubberstamp of the Bush agenda did.

Hopefully 2007 could be the beginning of much needed oversight in the Congress and the beginning of our troops coming home. The picture taken above is with true American patriot, Max Cleland and Chris Carney. Mr. Cleland was one of the original "Swift Boat" victims.
The last week of news for 2006 in the country have brought us the end of Ford, Saddham and possibly troop escalation for 2007. I will try to tie them all together in upcoming posts. For now enjoy the picture of Cleland and Carney and our hope for a better future.