Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coach Carm Interview For Shamokin Area

Red Tornadoes practice on soccer in preparation for Shamokin

Listen to the wind!  It was bonechilling damp on the soccer pitch next to the high school!

Dan Foor Interview for Coal Bucket

I also found this video from and old Shamokin pep rally. The speech was inspiring!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life Interrupted

In just under 14 months, we were hit with with major flooding and staring down the barrel at another storm that made last year's flood seem like a leaky faucet.  Last year's Irene/Lee event was the first large scale even since Tropical Storm Agnes hit our area 1972.

Last September's events taught us so much that we take for granted everyday can be lost our changed in an instant.  The only thing in the end that really matters are our family, friends and people in our lives. They cannot be replaced. 

The other thing it taught us was to be prepared.  I think both our elected officials, EMA and private citizens did their best to adhere to the warnings that were being posted and cooperated. If there was some good that came out of Irene/Lee, this could be it.  The memories are still fresh and some will never go away.

My event roughly lasted about 60 hours from preparing to move things on Saturday until I felt at ease this morning.  I also was hit with an expense of $1.40 for premium gas because the station was out of regular.

Although our local area came out of this even for the most part OK, we all know someone who was affected much worse.  The 8-year old boy wasn't so lucky.  We are all family. We are all friends. We are all neighbors and Americans.

We still have plenty of time to be political, but I want to leave with the thoughts of Dr. Robert Reich and our decision at hand next week:

Our decision will signal whether we believe we're all in this together -- not just in hurricanes but in everyday life -- or are mainly on our own; whether we're members of the same society in which we have obligations and responsibilities to one another, or we're simply occupants of the same economy in which we either succeed or fail by virtue of personal luck and effort, and the family we're born into
Stay safe everyone and prayers.

Remember this from 2000?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who will win the Coal Bucket? Take the Poll!

We, of the Shamokin-Mount Carmel Area,  will hopefully come out of Hurricane Sandy in good shape.  As the Ibis will be flying over the Silver Bowl, it will be time for the Battle for the Coal Bucket.

Who will win?  Take the poll on my blog.  Like in any coal region election, vote early and vote often!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Could Anyone Help This Man?

In the world of Facebook, you run into something like this.  Could anyone help?

I am seriously thinking which should I use? A noose, a bullet or overdose. I am very depressed and such a loser and waste of life: (
Later, there was this:
Yea great guy I dont have a job Im pretty much homeless I just got out of jail and I cant support myself let alone my kids. If I ever find a job I cant get to it cause I dont have a drivers license cause of a DUI.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Just remember who your vote supports.

The Voice is a Guest on the R & R Auto Show

I spent some time talking high school football on Week 9 of "R&R Auto Group's Wednesday Night Live" from Michael B's. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Half Surprises in the Coal Region

Going into the 2012 football season.  There were some high expectations for Shamokin and Mount Carmel, while Southern Columbia was hoping to overcome huge graduation losses.  Going into the 2nd half of the season, the Indians and Red Tornadoes have combined for just 3 wins, while the Tigers are undefeated heading into a showdown with Selinsgrove.

What happened in the first half the season? Here is a team-by-team breakdown:


The Indians came into the season expecting to run the football and score points.  However, the Shamokin running game seemed to take a jolt when center Brody Young broke is ankle in the 2nd scrimmage against Williamsport. With the Indians passing game depending on the success of the running game, the offense has suffered as a whole.

Injuries have also taken their toll.  In addition to Young, Kevin Carsto is out for the season along with Andrew Hasuga and Draven Miller missing some significant time.
With a rushing offense averaging under 3 yards/carry.  The Indians must improve this stat to put W's in the win column.  The defense has carried Shamokin all season.
Mount Carmel
In the last three games for the Red Tornadoes (all losses), the Big Red has given up yardage, big plays and point totals that would rival some great defensive season totals.  What happened to "Red Death."
Southern Columbia
After making it back to Hershey for the first time since the days of Hyno, the Tigers were expected to stumble a bit out of the gate due to heavy graduation losses.  People wonder why and how Southern are able to reload every season.  From my observation, the staff at Southern want their players to develop as athletes by speed training and weight lifting.  A player (athlete) will eventually get their chance and get plugged in where the need arises. 
This was most evident when in 2011 when Tyrell Thomas and over 2000 yards from scrimmage goes down in the first minutes of preseason.  Plug in Matt Moore and follow him to Hershey.  Plain and simple, the more athletes you develop, the more options you have as a team.
Going forward, after seeing the Tigers in Week 1 and Line Mountain in Week 4, I am not sure if there is a team that could challenge the Southern Area in District IV.  A possible showdown with Old Forge would be a marquee opening round game in the PIAA "A" playoffs.