Friday, October 26, 2012

Could Anyone Help This Man?

In the world of Facebook, you run into something like this.  Could anyone help?

I am seriously thinking which should I use? A noose, a bullet or overdose. I am very depressed and such a loser and waste of life: (
Later, there was this:
Yea great guy I dont have a job Im pretty much homeless I just got out of jail and I cant support myself let alone my kids. If I ever find a job I cant get to it cause I dont have a drivers license cause of a DUI.

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Stephen Albert said...

It's pretty sad stuff actually.

In the end the only person that can help this man is...well, this man. He has made bad choices now he needs to deal with them. Is it pretty? No. But to quote Bob Dylan, "when you ain't got noth'n, you got noth'n to lose". Every morning you wake up you get another shot at getting it right.

He needs to stop feeling sorry for himself, find some counseling, and start to re-build his life. And he needs to start now.

In the end, attitude matters most. It matters more than circumstances, intelligence, and anything else. The great part? Unlike the other things, you control your attitude.