Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Deliverance for the Northern Tier in District IV A

Lourdes Regional Boys and Girls ventured to Montgomery to play Northeast Bradford girls and North Penn/Blossburg for the boys. The girls really never got on track losing 46-39.

The boys lost a lead late and the game went to OT. North Penn outscored the Red Raiders 8-0 to start the overtime and hung on to a 48-46 win. The reason for the picture of the clock. Note the time. In a physical game that is when the first foul was called on North Penn. What did the Red Raiders in was poor foul shooting in the fourth quarter. They survived on Wednesday against Millville, but could overcome it today.

"Banjo music"?

First foul on North Penn

10th seeded girls getting the runner-up medal

Boys action

Chapman gets set for the press

Happy 60th!!!!

Pregame optimism

Where's our Joey?

"The Barrister, Morgoon, and the Commish"

Shamokin Girls Come Up Short

The Shamokin Lady Indians spotted the Selinsgrove Area Seals a 24-6 lead, went on a 17-0 run, but couldn't complete the comeback losing 36-31. Shamokin outscored the Seals 25-12. The Seal held a huge advantage on the fouline shooting 31 for the game and compared to 6 for the Indians. In the first have the Selinsgrove had 20 attempts compared to 0 for Shamokin.

20 FT attempts to 0 in the first half

Crusaders #1 Seed

The Susquehanna University men's basketball team secured the number one seed and home court advantage for the first ever Landmark Conference playoffs which begin Wednesday on February 27th. Joel Patch electrified the crowd with three monster dunks. The Crusaders came went on a 20-8 run to beat Juniata 60-55. More than likely, Juniata will be back Wednesday for the first round.

For Crusader Head Coach Frank Marcinek of Shamokin, the win came without came without Landmark leading scorer Josh Robinson who is out for the season with an ACL.

For the "CoalRegionVoice", this was the end of four games in three counties in 11 hours. We hope we covered for you.

A Day for the Schuylkill League to Shine in D4?

With wins today, Lourdes Regional boys and girls and the Shamokin Area girls could add District IV gold to the trophy case. Good luck to all three.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

District IV Schedule Games of note

2/22/2008 - 6:00 PM
A Girls
Mansfield v Millville
District 3rd place

2/22/2008 - 6:00 PM
AAA Girls
Selinsgrove v Shamokin

2/22/2008 - 7:30 PM
A Boys
St. John Neumann v Millville
District 3rd place

2/22/2008 - 7:30 PM
AAA Boys
Danville v Selinsgrove

2/23/2008 - 1:00 PM
A Girls
Northeast Bradford v Lourdes Regional

2/23/2008 - 1:00 PM
AA Boys
Southern Columbia v Troy
District 3rd place

2/23/2008 - 1:00 PM
AA Girls
Central Columbia v Lewisburg
District 3rd place

2/23/2008 - 2:30 PM
A Boys
North Penn v Lourdes Regional

2/23/2008 - 2:30 PM
AA Boys
Hugghesville v Wyalusing

2/23/2008 - 2:30 PM
AA Girls
Loyalsock v East Juniata

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lourdes Boys and Girls Advance to District IV A Finals




Father can't bear to watch son at the line in the 4th quarter

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buzzer beater by Danville sends Shamokin home

One video clip is worth a thousand words. Just as when it looked like the Indians were going to survive and advance to the District IV AAA finals, the ghosts of Scott Ativo and Bill Celuk came home to haunt the Indians. Danville senior C.J. Cressman came out of nowhere to bury a trey near halfcourt and will now be forever remembered in Ironmen basketball lore.

It was Scott Ativo's lay up of an air ball in 1998 for Steel-High that sent Shamokin home in the Eastern semifinals and Celuk's tap in at the buzzer for Valley View in the Eastern quarters in 1997. Assistant coach for Shamokin, saw both as a player back then for the Indians. Now add Cressman to that list.

One player that you do have to feel for is Shamokin's Marc Persing. He is the lone senior that will not be returning for the Indians next season in the Heartland Conference. Persing needed 17 points for 1000 points for the career finished with 990.

Indians catch a "break"? Fannick out for the season

Well it is confirmed that Anthony Fannick, AAA player of the year in 2007, is out for the season with a broken bone in his foot. The loss for Milton is huge, but do not underestimate the Black Panthers the rest of the way in District IV.

Schuylkill League
Shamokin and Mount Carmel are not gone yet, but the new alignments are out for the Schulkill League. The basketball playoffs will go back to three division winners and wild card. Let's hope that Heartland Conference could develop a playoff that could rival the Schuylkill League.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Lurch" rings up win for Holy Cross against Bucknell

Tim Clifford leads Holy Cross with a game-high 18 points for the Crusaders as they pull away late for the 63-53 win. In a physical game, Holy Cross attempts 33 free throws compared to 17 for the Bison. Yes, Bucknell was home at Sojka Pavillion.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Southern Columbia vs. MCA Video and Pictures

To everyones surprise, Southern Columbia needed overtime to advance in the District IV AA playoffs. Colin Klebon saddled with foul problems in the first half led to a stagnate offense most of the game. It was some of the supporting cast of Foster Renn and Kurt Kessler who came to the rescue.

Bill "Winks" Carta MCA's #1 Fan

Colin Klebon at the line in OT

Bucknell Basketball

Big game for the Bison (10-14) tonight at home against Holy Cross. For those of you who can't make it out to Sojka Pavillion, the game will be televised on ESPN2.

A shout out goes out to senior guard John Griffin who became the 33rd player to go over a 1000 points and the third player to connect on 200 3-pointers.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sad Day for District 3 Basketball

Hoops official dies after overtime playoff
by FRANK COZZOLI, Of The Patriot-News
Friday February 15, 2008, 9:47 AM
District 3 basketball referees are mourning the death of one of their own.

Veteran ref Timothy M. Bartholomew, 50, of Akron died last night after suffering an apparent heart attack after he officiated the overtime playoff boys' game between Hershey and Boiling Springs at Red Land High School, officials said.

Rich Czarnecki, men's officials' representative for District 3, said Bartholomew was seated on a chair in a locker room after the 6 p.m. game when he slumped over and was unresponsive.

Czarnecki said Bartholomew's fellow officials called for Red Land athletic director Brian McNamara, who summoned an ambulance and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Bartholomew was taken to Harrisburg Hospital, Czarnecki said.

Czarnecki was shocked. He said he had met with Bartholomew at halftime of the game when the two shook hands and embraced before Czarnecki left to attend another game.

"You're always under the realization that this could happen to you,'' Czarnecki said. "And I've been in situations where this happened to other brother officials of mine.''

Officials across the district were notified of the death by e-mail. Bartholomew worked out of the Lancaster Chapter of PIAA basketball officials and primarily called games in the Lancaster/Lebanon League, Czarnecki said.

"He was a super guy,'' Czarnecki said. "He did anything for me. Anytime I needed anything, he was always there.''

Czarnecki said officiating isn't just strenuous, it's stressful, with unhappy fans and coaches chirping in officials' ears.

"It's not the exercise and the cardio, it's the stress,'' Czarnecki said. "And you're talking about a playoff situation. Being an official is very stressful.''

"He was one of my veteran guys, and he worked all the time,'' Czarnecki said. "He was in good shape, too. That's the sad part about it.''

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shamokin begins playoff run, Bison in critical week.

Shamokin will begin their quest this Saturday night for an elusive district title (Yes, the games have been moved). If you talk to anyone north of the Stonington-Snydertown Road crossroad on Route 61, more than 60% of the people polled in the Daily-Item say Milton will take the title. The main reason is Tony Fannick. The Indians coughed up a big lead late last in last year's final to the Black Panthers. Hopefully, the prep in the Schuylkill League playoffs will season the Indians. But hey, both teams have to get to the final.

With only five losses between them, neither is ranked statewide. When you further look at the poll, there isn't anyone ranked from Districts 2, 4 and 11. Other than Milton and Shamokin, Crestwood (2) is an honorable mention. Is Northeast PA basketball that bad? Ten years ago with the same record, Shamokin and Milton would have been ranked. Valley View made the finals and Allentown Central Catholic was a power. Do some damage in the state playoffs and these districts will get back on the state radar.

The Bison who now sit in third place in the Patriot League, have a critical week as far as their postseason is concerned. American is in first place and on the schedule tonight. The best rivalry of the last three years, Holy Cross and Bucknell, will be renewed on Saturday night. There isn't much that seperate the number 1 team vs. the number 8 team in the Patriot League. Three games to be exact. Winning on the road in the postseason is difficult and the Bison could do themselves a favor starting tonight.
Even with the loss to Navy last Saturday night, it was good to see Coach Flannery on the sidelines (yes, I was at the game).
Tom Housenick hits the nail right on the head when he writes about Bucknell's season to date for the Daily-Item.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Schuylkill League Finals, More Pictures from Martz Hall

Marc Persing at the foul line

Tyler lets a trey fly

Shamokin Area left the Schuylkill League in fine fashion on Friday night with a fourth quarter come-from-behind win over North Schuylkill. Marc Persing, Shamokin's lone senior, came up big in the fourth quarter.

It was a big weekend for the Voice in basketball. On Friday, witnessed Marian (girls) and Shamokin (boys) win their respective championships. Saturday morning, watched son clinch a CYO playoff series in Danville. Saturday night, after a three hour busride, watched Bucknell fail to take over sole possession of first place in the Patriot League losing to Navy, 78-72. Sunday was capped off by making the trip to Selinsgrove. Susquehanna women lost a one-point game 59-58 heartbreaker, while the men topped Catholic U., 74-61.

Hats of off to the Mount Carmel Wrestling squad which went 2-2 at the PIAA team duels.

Schuylkill League Finals Pictures and Video.

Shamokin tailgaiting weather permitting

Posting up

Shamokin Fan (Gary Fenix) out of the woodwork (late arrival due to prying $$$ out of the wallet )

Student Section

Scott Marcinek getting some advice from Zim

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mount Carmel falls to Burrell

Mt Carmel 9 vs Burrell 59

135- Shane Welsh , (Burrell) Fall Mike Sinopoli , (Mt Carmel) 1:17
140- Jordan Shields , (Burrell) Fall Frank Brosh , (Mt Carmel) 3:30
145- Bob Speer , (Burrell) Tech Mike Maher , (Mt Carmel) 20-5; 5:36
152- Randy Elliott , (Mt Carmel) Dec Tyler Condron , (Burrell) 4-3
160- Matt McKillop , (Burrell) Fall Doug Kraynak , (Mt Carmel) 5:39
171- Josh Hornberger , (Mt Carmel) Dec Steven Shank , (Burrell) 1-0
189- Derek Edwards , (Burrell) Fall Kyle Higgins , (Mt Carmel) 3:47
215- Brian Beattie , (Burrell) Fall James Haynes , (Mt Carmel) 3:46
285- Lou Gardone , (Burrell) Fall Chris Steck , (Mt Carmel) 5:33
103- David Makara , (Burrell) Fall Nicholas Dusendschine , (Mt Carmel) 1:40
112- Josh Malick , (Mt Carmel) Dec Jeremy Landowski , (Burrell) 8-6
119- Travis McKillop , (Burrell) Tech Shane Wondoloski , (Mt Carmel) 16-0; 1:48
125- Tyler Berger , (Burrell) Maj Matt Zigarski , (Mt Carmel) 9-1
130- Nolan Greenwald , (Burrell) Dec Dylan Hornberger , (Mt Carmel) 4-2

Surprise, surprise at PIAA Team Wrestling

Mount Carmel wins in the early morning.

Mt. Carmel 39, Mt. Union 33
130: Dylan Hornberger MC p Donnie Rosensteel :41. 135: Devon Smith MU p Mike Sinopoli 3:47. 140: Kevin Ryan MU p Mike Maher :26. 145: Keith Hoffmaster MU p Frank Brosh 3:30. 152: Randy Elliott MC d Keith Ryan 6-3. 160: Dustin Drake MU p Doug Kraynak 4:49. 171: Zack Hicks MU p Josh Hornberger 3:11. 189: Kyle Higgins MC p Eric Hoffmaster 5:33. 215: James Haynes MC p Jamel Fortson 5:35. 285: Chris Steck MC p Will Grove 2:28. 103: Nicholas Dusendschine MC won by forfeit. 112: Shane Wondoloski MC d Michael Younce 10-3. 119: Josh Malick MC d Dalton Smith 9-5. 125: Ronnie Grove MU d Matt Zigarski 8-4.

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