Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Letter by Tom Marino

Tom Marino is now for the truth before he was against it. Republican 10th Congressional candidate Tom Marino has been taking some flack over a letter he claimed to have from the Justice Department allowing him to be reference for a convicted felon.  In the end no such letter exists.

Gort has a good run down of what happened here.

Pure Bunkdum who is on the right of Atilla the Hun, has given up on Tom.

There are many employees of the Justice Department in the 10th.  Seeking approval for letters like this is not an everyday occurrence.  Your reputation is on the line endorsing a convicted felon.  For 250K and two homes in Florida, maybe reputation has a price.

By the way, what was that stench in Lewisburg yesterday?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap Onward to Week 5

As the final gun sounded at Friday's Selinsgrove-Shamokin game, my car problems started.  It is nothing too bad, I was caught in the weekend garage closed, part has to be ordered club.

Looking at my Heartland Fab Five, there were no changes but there should be a shake up this week with Lewisburg traveling to Southern Area.  I will add that I have Shikellamy and Selinsgrove knocking on the door.  The Seals host Berwick this week.  What's wrong with Berwick?  Berwick was the preseason number one this season in WNEP's Super 16.  The poll is usually right on and you can usually tell a top five team.  This season Berwick is 1-3 and preseason number two, Dunmore is 2-2.  Has parity come to high school football? 

I had Shamokin Indians knocking on the door until kickoff last Friday.  Selinsgrove came out and left little doubt on Friday displaying a great combination of running and passing.  From my observation, it looks like the leadership vacuum created by graduation is now being filled.  Shamokin is searching for it after four games.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Events for Candidates in the 107th and 108th PA Legislative Districts

As election day draws closer this weekend will be the chance to meet the candidates if you have not already done so.

Lynda Schegel-Culver (R) of Rockefeller Township  and Tony Michetti (D) of Herdon are running for seat being vacated by Merle Phillips in the 108th.

George Zalar (D) of Coal Towship and Kur Masser (R) of Elysburg will battle for Robert Belfanti's seat.

Schlegal-Culver will be having a sporting clay shoot on Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm

Tony Michetti  will be wrapping things up at the Gratz Fair today.

Zalar according to his website and Facebook doesn't have any events scheduled.

Masser will be hosting a Margaritaville Party featuring Parrot Beach on Sunday from 2 pm until 8 pm at the RCA grounds in Ranshaw.  Check out Mr. Masser's website and Facebook.

Competing for time with Penn State and the Bloomsburg Fair may be difficult this weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shamokin at Selinsgrove Preview

After losing the 2003 District IV AAA final to Shamokin 17-3, the Selinsgrove Seals from 2004 to present have been quite impressive going deep into the state playoff and capping it off with the 2009 PIAA AAA championship.  It was also the last time the Indian beat the Seals.

The 2010 version of the Selinsgrove Seal have had to replace 18 starters and for the first 12 quarters of 2010 struggled offensively with the football opening up the season 0-3.  Justin Keiser was 16-20 for a 160 yards engineering two big second half drives to pull the Seals within one of Manheim Central.  The Seals tried to win the game in regulation with under a minute left but a two-point conversion was batted down by the Baron defense.

While this exciting game was going on in Lancaster, the 2010 Shamokin Indian did their best to bring back the 2009 version of the Indians.  The 42-13 loss to Southern was marred by turnovers, sloppy tackling, blown coverages and penalties.   The Indians managed to have Jared Montgomery and Jared Haddock go over 100 yards on the night, but it was the Tiger defense that took center stage from the middle of the first period to the half.

"If there is a better single-A team in PA, I would like to see them," said Shamokin Area head coach Dan Foor.  Last Friday, Southern was better team.

What will give in Week 4 between Selinsgrove and Shamokin?   Here are a couple of key things for one to look   Shamokin's running game has been pretty solid with the exception of the second quarter against Southern.  Will that trend continue?

Selinsgrove went to sprint out action against Manheim Central last week.  The Seals had used sprint out action under head coach Bill Scott.  The Indian defense did not get much pressure on Jake Townsend last week.   Will it be more difficult with the Seal's sprint out?  

Some of the intangibles that are going into this game is first things first.  The Seals are home.  Selinsgrove has only lost twice at home since 2004 and one loss included opening day this season to Mount Carmel.  Like it or not Selinsgrove has games with Berwick and Shikellamy in the next two weeks.  Back in August this was penciled as win.

Shamokin on the other hand will be tested on how it rebounds.  Last season the Seals put a hurting on the Indians scoring 55 points.  The game was shorten due to the lights going out.  Will the 2010 team or the 2009 team make the trip across the Susquehanna River???

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Civics on the PA General Assembly

Having visited the PA Legislature on behalf of the American Cancer Society advocacy a few years ago was a rewarding experience and a lesson on how the General Assembly works.

With the election for governor coming up, there was a protest on drilling for natural gas in PA held at the Capitol in Harrisburg.  The rally is around stopping drilling to figure out a way it could be regulated and taxed.  I would be shocked if this happened before the November election.

Legislation is usually introduced in January after the "new" Assembly is sworn-in. and is on the calendar until for two years.  Every year the Assembly adjourns after July 1st until after Labor Day.  Every other year, elections are the worry from September through October.  In the election years, little is done until the "new" Assembly is seated.  Add to this, the annual battle of the budget that now takes place from the middle of May until early July. 

Even though our state legislators are full-time and compensated very well, they have many built in excuses not to get things done in 24 months. 

Natural gas is an opportunity for the PA economy.  However don't pollute the land and contaminate my water while drilling.  Growing up in the anthracite coalfields of the last PA energy boom, the scars and pollution are still evident today.  Anyone ever hear of the term "shit crick"?

This is only a small story in relative to the bigger story.  We have a candidate for governor who doesn't like bloggers and has received and "investment" of over 370K in contributions from the gas industry.  A former governor receiving 900K per year to act as a spokesman.  Same said governor also served as the first Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

If you have objections to you local gas company, you can be spied  upon and labeled an anarchist with your own tax money. These two topics and men will be covered in future posts.

Those of you who haven't learned the lessons of history are probably watching Glenn Beck.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dan Foor Talks About the Selinsgrove Seals

Before the Shamokin at Selinsgrove Preview, Something for Seth and Alex

This week the Shamokin Indians travel across the river and of course road construction to take on the Selinsgrove Seals.  This past off season, outstanding Seal fullback Seth Lauver and his prom date Alex Mullen were injured in a car accident on their way home from the Selinsgrove High prom.

A fund has been established for the Seth and Alex and so far has raised $40,000 to date.  This fund is being split between the two families.  Seth has returned home and is in wheelchair paralyzed from the waist.  Alex Mullen as of this writing is still in a rehabilitation facility in Philadelphia.

For those of you involved in the Lower Anthracite Teener League in the late 1970's, Seth's father Chuck was an outstanding pitcher on Sunbury Braves teener team.

Click the link to the Seth and Alex Fund to see how you can make a contribution by attending Friday's game. There is a raffle to be drawn on October 1st. Wristbands are available and contributions can be made by mail.

Here is Lauver in his last game:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Heartland Fab Five

In the 4 years this blog has been on the map, I have never compiled a high school poll of any kind. Just for fun, I decided to start the Heartland Conferance Fab 5.  I compiled the poll based on what I have seen and or heard from other reporters and fans. Southern is ranked number one, followed by Lewisburg, Danville, Bloomsburg, and Mount Carmel.

This isn't the Southern Columbia team that you would see roll up over 400 yards on the ground and throw a few token passes.  This Southern team is pretty diverse.  This past Friday, the Tigers didn't have a back over 60 yards but managed 43 points and the game was never in doubt.  Defensively, the Tigers are improving weekly.  After allowing a 47-yard run to Jared Montgomery, the Indian running back was held to 6 more yards the rest of the half when the game mattered.

Lewisburg is my number two team in the conference.  Why?  When Mount Carmel fans admit they were dominated on both sides of the ball take that as the ultimate form of kudos. The Green Dragons will face Southern in 2 weeks.

Danville comes in a team number 3.  Why aren't the Ironmen any higher?  Right now I will chalk this up on schedule.  Danville opened with Shikellamy.  In speaking to Shik fans, the Braves gave up 21, 26, and 38 points and have a hard time stopping anyone.  Selinsgrove's line was dominated by Mount Carmel in Week 1 and Central may be the bottom at the bottom of the conference looking up.  Should contend with Lewisburg for the AA title in District 4.

Bloomsburg comes in at number 4.  Bloom likes to play physical even if they don't have the horsese to do it.  Quarterback Blake Rankin could be the best in the conference.  The Panthers face a test against Southern in 3 weeks.

Mount Carmel rounds our the Fab Five at number 5.  Mount Carmel has a 3-game stretch again Loyalsock, Montoursville and Central Columbia.  Week 7 begins a finish against North Schuylkill, Shik, Southern, and Shamokin.  Keep the ice on hand.  Handing the Seals their first loss at home since 2004 counts for something.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Southern Rolls Against Shamokin in Battle of Unbeatens

Going in tonight's game against Southern, Shamokin had a a lot to be happy about.  There long dormant running game (years) was churning out yardage with great play from the offensive line, the defense was playing great, and penalties were kept to a minimum.

Southern on the otherhand was starting slow in their first two games and trying to find some some consistency in the running game. The Indians had some optimism that was dashed away early.

If you would have told anyone going into Tiger Stadium that Shamokin would have two 100-yard rushers and would limit Thomas and Morton to about 100 yards total on the ground, most would have said Shamokin won.

Mistakes and penalties paid a visit to Shamokin tonight with two turnovers, a blown coverage and sloppy tackling leading to 28 points and a 42-13 win by the Tigers.

Tyrell Thomas had three touchdowns including pass receptioins of 40 and 47 yard for scores to go with an 8- yard TD run.

Defensively, Matt Moore was all over the field including an outstanding performance on kick coverage for the Tigers.

The microcosm of the game was the very first series where Southern recovered a Shamokin funble at the Indian 25 and Thomas scored from 8 yards out three plays laters.  Shamokin came back and big run by Matt Montgomery put the Indians in a would be first-and-goal at 6, but a dead ball moved Shamokin back to the 20 and would be 35-yard field goal was short. 

After trading possesions, it was Thomas breaking a tackle and taking it to the house for 41 yards and a 14-0 lead.  Gone was Shamokin's ability to control the game and run downhill. Southern's defense made the Indians offensive life miserable holding Montgomery to 54 yards in the first half total.

In the end, it was Southern's ability to dominate the line of scrimmage.  It wasn't overall domination, but the did it at critical times when Shamokin folded in critical moments.

Shamokin travels to Selinsgrove next week who lost in the waning seconds to Manheim Central.  Southern will play Central Columbia. 

Mount Carmel 2000 PIAA Champs to be Honored Tonight

The Ed Romance Chapter of the PA Sports Hall of Fame will honor Mount Carmel's 2000 State Championship team.  The Red Tornadoes beat Aliquippa 26-6 non December 9th at Hersheypark Stadium capping a 15-0.

2000 was Mike Brennan's first year at the helm of the Red Tornadoes and featured all-time leading rusher Jon Veach, tackling machines Vince Yasenchak and Steve Matzura, and current Boston College quarterback Dave Shinskie. Players, coaches, spouses and cheerleaders are invited to a reception after the game.

The Red Tornadoes had two epic games that season.  The first one came in the Eastern final against a pass happy Lakeland squad led by Evan Kraky.  The game was played at Kemp Memorial Stadium in Shamokin and Mount Carmel clinged to a slim lead.  Lakeland had the ball inside the one and they were stuffed by Dave Brown and the rest of the "Red Death" defense.  Mount Carmel took over and a few plays later Jon Veach went 90+ yards the other way to seal the game and punch a ticket to the state final.

In the game against Lakeland, Jon Veach rushed for 296 yards which is still a school record for a single game.

The following Saturday, the Red Tornadoes would be crowned state champs, but not without overcoming some adversity.  Early in the game, Jon Veach was shaken up and had limited mobility.  The Quips were able to shut down a young Dave Shinkie in the passing game. 

The coaching staff decided to turn to the fullback, the late Aaron Ziegler.  Ziegler rushed for over 100 yards, scored a couple of touchdowns and had the performance of the weekend in all four classes of the state games played that weekend.

Tonight the 2000 team will walk once again as champions.  #40 will be smiling down upon you!


This week I polled the online audience on who is going to win the Shamokin-Southern game.  Although, I have links to both some Shamokin and Southern sites, I think the Shamokin fans got the vote out.  Through the history of this blog conducting polls, they have been right over 80% of the time.

Prep Nation Radio

Somewhere between 11:30 pm and 12 am, I will be featured on Prep Nation Radio on the 12th Man Show.

A big shout out goes to all my fellow bloggers at the meet up tonight.  Hopefully, the world's problems will be solved before Monday.  If not, enjoy the fun.  Since it is halfway to St. Patrick's Day, kilts up!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Southern vs. Shamokin Preview for Week 3

On Friday, Southern and Shamokin will play for the 6th time in the modern era with the Tigers holding a 4-1 advantage including winning the last four in row.  The game has still been a great rivalry between the school with great attendance, but it now lacking some regional media exposure. Southern hasn't won a state title since 2006 and Shamokin hasn't had a .500 season since 2005 haven't been a playoff team since the '04 campaign.

I believe this game will be different. It has to go back to the 2009 game which Southern won by a 21-7 score.  Jake Morton scored on a 62-yard run on the second play of the game and the Indians battled them 14-7 the rest of the way.

I have had the opportunity to see Shamokin twice and Southern once.  The Indians went to a wing-T offense but unlike Southern run their motion man parallel to the line of scrimmage.  With that change, the Indians have been able to pound teams with the running game a piling up time of possession minutes.  Defensively, Shamokin has made huge strides in the secondary in both coverage and run support (tackling).  The Indians also improved in the penalty department committing only 9 in two games and one 15-yarder.

In one of the strangest games in 30-plus years around high school football, Southern came back from on the ropes down 20-0 to Line Mountain  to route the Eagles 49-20.  The Tigers took advantage of injuries and 7 turnovers with the comeback.  For the season, the Tigers now have a plus-8 turnover ratio.

How will Friday play out?  With absence of Tom Schetroma for Southern, Wes Tillet will be the best lineman on the field and makes the rest of his teammates much better.  The Tigers have been coming out of the gate slow with no touchdowns in the first period while Shamokin has been getting out of the gate quick but has a tendancy to coast in the middle.  Shamokin has enough parts to stop the run.  The Indians can't afford to coast due to the Tigers putting up 77 in the middle quarters this season.

Give the edge to Southern if it comes down to special teams with the punting of Tim Benner and placekicking of Colton Yeick being better than Shamokin's punter Jared Montgomery and placekicker Jon Vanaskie.

Shamokin hasn't trailed all season and their first team defense hasn't been scored upon.  Southern is well tested and has played from behind.  If Shamokin scores first they can win.  Don't blink.  Barring a major injury, this game will be over in under 2 hours.  Over the coarse of the series Shamokin has played Southern tough with the exception of 2006.  No one was beating the Tigers in 2006.  In mild upset pick, Shamokin 20, Southern 14.


It was great to see so many members of Shamokin's 1975 Eastern Conference Championship team including head coach Tim Montgomery who came in from Maryland.  Great memories were shared with coaches and team members.  Team member Geoff Thomas came in for the reunion from the state of Wyoming. 

Joking around with team members, I forgot the great game Brian Jeremiah had on the defensive front stopping a great veer attack by the Pottsville Crimson Tide in a 21-20 win.  Not to matter, the '75 Indians are champions forever.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Southern Area vs. Shamokin Area Will Highlight Week 3

This week's Southern-Shamokin game will highlight the Heartland Conference schedule along with Hughesville-Lewisburg game.  I will have interview from both coaches and analysis of what I see will be keys to the game.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Relatives?????? Keeping Up With the Joneses????

Rev. Terry Jones (50 and counting?)

Rev. Jim Jones (909 dead)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shamokin's 1975 Eastern Conference Champs To Be Honored

The late Philadelphia  Flyers head coach Fred Shero once said, "win today and we walk together forever,"  prior to Game 6 of the 1974 Stanley Cup Finals.

This coming Friday night at the half of the Jersey Shore-Shamokin Area football game, Shamokin's 1975 Eastern Conference championship will be honored.  The Indian went 11-1 in 1975 and capped their season with a 33-20 victory over Dunmore on December 6th, 1975 at Kemp Memorial Stadium under the direction head coach Tim Montgomery. Assistant coached that season were Joe Gubernot, Harry Reed, Dave Kopitsky, and George "Norge" Dorko.

The team was a collection of great talent including the last Indians to make the Big 33, Tim Fanella and Phil Manney.  Other notables included Dave Anderson, Craig Schiccatano, Randy Rumberger, Dave Troxell, John Devereaux, Frank Marcinek, Jim Dressler, Dave Zielinskie, Ed Zack, Dan Klebon and Mike Bonshock.

Here is the season slate:

Shamokin 20 York 8
Shamokin 27 Danville 6 
Shamokin 32 Hazleton 14 
Shamokin 16 Blue Mountain 6
Shamokin 21 Pottsville: 20
Shamokin 28 Shenandoah: 8
Shamokin 26 Lourdes 3
Shamokin 42 West Hazelton 24
Shamokin 26 Shikellamy 16
Shamokin 27 Berwick 7
Shamokin 0  Mount Carmel 34
The only blemish on the season was Mount Carmel.  It would be another 9 seasons until the Indians beat the Red Tornadoes.

I had chance to talk to Mount Carmel head coach "Jazz" Diminick about that 1975 game earlier this week.  "We had an injury to one of linebackers, Greg Sacavage, who had a hard time going lateral on game day.  I had to switch defenses the day of the game.  We got a little lucky with switch, but we were able to totally shut them down."  "There was always great pride in that game like today."  "I remember one of our players, the late Dan Chucoski, keeping the mud on his shoes and the shoes from that game and never cleaning them or getting rid of them."

Back in 1975, there was only a Northern and Southern Division.  There was a Class A and Class B.  You had to rely on rating points to win the division.  Often 10-1 season got a team a pat on the back and nothing else.

Some memorable moments of the season include Dan Klebon throwing for a 2-point conversion to beat Pottsville.  What was also memorable about the game against Pottsville at Kemp Memorial was the floor of the men's room caving in at the half at the west of the stadium.  The bathroom "incident" has been part of Woodstock folklore in Pottsville with many claiming to have been in the bathroom.  Actually, the official count was less than 15.

The Indians also clinched the Southern Division in Week 10 with the win at Crispin Field in Berwick.  The victory touched off a victory celebration parade through Independence Street in Shamokin attended by some 4000 fans on that Friday night. George Curry was in his fifth season at the helm in Berwick in 1975. The PA leader in coaching wins with over 400 talks about the '75 team this past week.

This Friday night, the 1975 Indians will once again walk together as champions.

Dan Foor Discusses Jersey Shore for Week 2

For the first time since 2005, Shamokin Area won their opener. Hoping history doesn't repeat itself like it did in 2005. The Indians are hoping for a better result in Week 2 than the loss to Montoursville in week 2 back in 2005 when the new turf made it's debut.

The Indian allowed one touchdown on the last play of the game, forced two turnovers, and only committed three penalties for 15 yards.

Where the Indians had to play pass defense against Mifflinburg, they have to face the triple option against Jersey Shore who lost 28-20 to Loyalsock in their opener.


I had the honor to broadcast the opener between Line Mountain and Southern on Saturday night. In one of the strangest games I ever seen Line Mountain rolled out to 20-0 first quarter lead with over 200 yards in total offense in the quarter led by Eagle QB, Marty Beninsky. (Even though it was high school, he would have earned Heismann votes)

Well, Beninsky, center Bryce Martz and FB Joey Hukill all went down in the second and 49 unanswered points later, Southern Area won going away.

Here is hoping we see a week 11 or 12 playoff rematch.


Strangest this of Week 1? Usually, in covering high school football it is not unusual to make it through September only wearing shorts and that near held true. Friday was brutal with the press box being about 90 and humid. Saturday on the other side, had temps in the low 50's in wind by the end of the game. It was a night for trousers.

As it goes, it was the earliest in 21 years that I needed a pair of jeans in the high school football season.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Major Leaguer Coming to Northumberland County????

In a story that really didn't get much play when it happened last week, Northumberland County agreed to end non-coal leases on county owned coal lands.  At first Habitat for Wildlife president Dave Kaleta thought it was retribution for questions he had about a proposed OHV Park.

County officials said they couldn't release any details, but claimed it involves a "major league player." Mack said the potential deal is not connected to the OHV park.

The site in question is very close to the industrial park that contains Reinhart Food Service.  There have been several promises of further development in the industrial park, but so far Reinhart is the only tennant.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Football is Finally Here

If you believe in any of my polls, according to the audience Southern, Shamokin and Selinsgrove will be the favorites to open up the weekend with the a win. I was a little surprised nearly 75 percent of the responders picked the Seals over Mount Carmel.

Polls are one thing, but that's why they play them on the field.

Last night, Shamokin Area held a community night to meet the team and introduce the players.  The turnout was very good but they need an emcee for next year.

Here is wishing Carm DeFrancesco good luck as the Red Tornadoes travel to Selinsgrove.  Carm has waited and persevered close to three decades to be where he will be tonight.

If your not going to attend the Mount Carmel or Shamokin game this evening, a game of interest will be Danville at Shikellamy.  Shik hasn't had this high of hope since the 80's and it's been a decade for Danville.

If your really bored and want to listen to me tonight at Shamokin or tomorrow at Line Mountain on Saturday click here at BILL95FM.