Friday, September 17, 2010

Mount Carmel 2000 PIAA Champs to be Honored Tonight

The Ed Romance Chapter of the PA Sports Hall of Fame will honor Mount Carmel's 2000 State Championship team.  The Red Tornadoes beat Aliquippa 26-6 non December 9th at Hersheypark Stadium capping a 15-0.

2000 was Mike Brennan's first year at the helm of the Red Tornadoes and featured all-time leading rusher Jon Veach, tackling machines Vince Yasenchak and Steve Matzura, and current Boston College quarterback Dave Shinskie. Players, coaches, spouses and cheerleaders are invited to a reception after the game.

The Red Tornadoes had two epic games that season.  The first one came in the Eastern final against a pass happy Lakeland squad led by Evan Kraky.  The game was played at Kemp Memorial Stadium in Shamokin and Mount Carmel clinged to a slim lead.  Lakeland had the ball inside the one and they were stuffed by Dave Brown and the rest of the "Red Death" defense.  Mount Carmel took over and a few plays later Jon Veach went 90+ yards the other way to seal the game and punch a ticket to the state final.

In the game against Lakeland, Jon Veach rushed for 296 yards which is still a school record for a single game.

The following Saturday, the Red Tornadoes would be crowned state champs, but not without overcoming some adversity.  Early in the game, Jon Veach was shaken up and had limited mobility.  The Quips were able to shut down a young Dave Shinkie in the passing game. 

The coaching staff decided to turn to the fullback, the late Aaron Ziegler.  Ziegler rushed for over 100 yards, scored a couple of touchdowns and had the performance of the weekend in all four classes of the state games played that weekend.

Tonight the 2000 team will walk once again as champions.  #40 will be smiling down upon you!


This week I polled the online audience on who is going to win the Shamokin-Southern game.  Although, I have links to both some Shamokin and Southern sites, I think the Shamokin fans got the vote out.  Through the history of this blog conducting polls, they have been right over 80% of the time.

Prep Nation Radio

Somewhere between 11:30 pm and 12 am, I will be featured on Prep Nation Radio on the 12th Man Show.

A big shout out goes to all my fellow bloggers at the meet up tonight.  Hopefully, the world's problems will be solved before Monday.  If not, enjoy the fun.  Since it is halfway to St. Patrick's Day, kilts up!!!!!

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