Friday, October 31, 2008

Regular season comes to a close!!!!

The regular season of high school football come to a close tonight. I will be broadcasting the Southern-Milton game.

Listen Here.

The door opened for some teams in District IV AA with Central's loss to Bloomsburg as time expired last night.

Shamokin to be anywhere near the hunt needs to win against Loyalsock, have Danville lose to Jersey Shore and Troy to lose to Canton. Even with that Danville may outpoint them due to their win over Athens.

Mount Carmel should safely be at home during the Districts with a win against North Schuylkill tonight. Montoursville has a chance to improve their seeding with a win over Selinsgrove.

In discussing chances of area teams this season back in August. I thought here is where some area teams may end up:
Shamokin - on a high note 6-4 and on a low note 4-6. Central Columbia was their big swing game.
Mount Carmel - 10-0 on the high note and 8-2 on the low note. There is no substitute for senior leadership in high school football.
Southern Area - 9-1 on the high note and 7-3 on the low end. Southern had a very a pretty tough schedule and beat a good Montoursville team in Week 2.
As for playoffs, Southern if they win the District will have Riverside, Schuylkill Haven and Steel-High as possibly match ups before they even get to Chocolatetown.
Games of WEEK #10
Selinsgrove vs. Montoursville
Dunmore vs. Riverside.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Parade in Shamokin, PA!!!!



Courtesy of the AP
As Joe Carter left the building, Mitch Williams summed it up best with quote from former Flyers head coach Fred Shero,
"Win today and we walk together forever."

As soon as the game ended, I reflected on my father and thought about an end to a quarter of a century of Philadelphia frustration. Since the 1983 Sixers, here is some of the frustration:
Sixers - one NBA final
Phillies - two World Series
Eagles - three NFC Championships and two Super Bowls.
Flyers - three Stanley Cup finals.
Savor this one, I hope I'm not 67 when the next one rolls around!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Poem for Election Day

Thanks to my friends at the CSCC
Halloween Blues
by Terri Peterson
'Twas Halloween night and the ghosts were abundant
Though their moaning and wailing seemed somewhat redundant.
Four years of W. rendered the nation
Unable to counter our crushing inflation.
The ghouls couldn't figure what could be more scary
Than a neocon-appointed judiciary.
Witches grimly realized they would never be no
More publicly hateful than Dana Perino.
Dick Cheney steals hope from each heart as he passes,
Mike Chertoff is happy to spy on the masses,
Torture's accepted for interrogation;
Karl Rove spins a tight web of misinformation.
Dubya's last months as commander in chief
Offer anything but what can be termed relief.
Hubris and recklessness mixed with pure greed
Left common dreams strewn in the mean streets to bleed.
Our houses are gone!
And our banks are all failing!
700 billion dollar bailouts are bailing.
Emergency management plans are mismanaged.
Health care reform? It seems hopelessly damaged.
But the Bush years are ending, election day's nearing
For months we've heard nothing but conventioneering.
And who has the GOP picked to replace
Dubya and Cheney in this presidential race?
John McCain is the GOP's nominee stooge,
A sellout whose temper is said to be huge,
Nicknamed "McNasty", he flies off the handle
When asked of his role in the Keating Five scandal.
As for Sarah Palin, who's been chosen for VEEP,
The thought of her makes children cry in their sleep.
For deep in the bulb of her power she-mullet,
Lies the knife kept close by to stab moose in the gullet.
McNasty and the V-PILF are deep in cahoots
With CEOs buffing their gold parachutes.
Global suffering from New Orleans to Darfur?
Not important. Most of those people are poor.
The Halloween world demanded reclamation
Of Halloween business and horrification.
Paranoia and fear was their job to foment,
And not generated by one's government.
They looked to the right, who thought none could be tougher,
Than an ex-POW and his wolf-hunting fluffer,
To maintain terror-quo.
Our good ghouls were bereft.
Their hearts filled with despair; then they looked to the left.
Look! Barack Obama! Energized by compassion,
Who views social justice as not just a fashion,
Can discuss real concerns without tripping alarms,
Plus, his wife's pretty fierce. Have you checked out her arms?
Joe Biden, an expert in foreign affairs
Has been tapped for V.P.; as a statesman he dares
To put people's needs first before corporate lust.
Both aim, as leaders, to rebuild public trust.
So the ghosts and the witches all hope that you're certain,
When you go to the voting booth and draw the curtain,
To pick the team that inspires hope and not fright,
And vote Obama-Biden on election night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jim Roth Interview for Milton

Jim Roth discusses upcoming game with Milton

Bud Selig strikes again!!!



MLB Commissioner Bud Selig suspends game in the bottom of the 6th. Cole had one pitch left in his arsenal. "We will stay here until Thanksgiving if that's what it takes." Well Bud, cancel tonights polar bear wind blown game for tonight.

I am having bad thoughts of Game 4 of the 1977 NLCS and Game 4 of the 1993 World Series.

Monday, October 27, 2008

History made at the Shamokin-Mifflinburg game.

Broadcasting high school football and basketball for 12 years, I finally made some history. I may have been the first broadcaster ejected from the event before it started. For some reason, the athletic department could not handle placing four electronic media outlets. For whatever reason, I was still not able to stay in the press box after another media outlet made room. What was the problem? Beats me. We did broadcast from the same place last season with as many electronic media outlets in the box.

What got me ejected?

After being told I couldn't remain in the press box, I was on my way to the visiting sideline when I told someone I will never come (insert expletive) here again. Seeing that I was such a threat, I was removed from the stadium. So much for freedom of speech. Is it ok for a Mifflinburg fan to say, "lock up the farm animals, here come the Shamokin fans?"

How did we make history? We became the first to broadcast a game from a vehicle. We did it in style from a 1983 Mercedes 300SD powered by grease.

To the good taxpayers of Mifflinburg:

If your athletic department cannot plan and make accommodations for four media outlets, could they be shortchanging your students. They seemed challenged in answering basic questions. If this is difficult in the future, please contact Mount Carmel, Shamokin, Southern, Selinsgrove, or the Montoursville school districts. They have plenty of experience handling multiple media.

Apologies? I have one and not to the Mifflinburg High School athletic department. Shamokin senior Dan Ruskuskie scored his first varsity touchdown and from our vantage point we got the player incorrect on the air.

Mount Carmel at Southern
They went at it hard for four quarters and the Red Tornadoes won in a close one. I still like both school prospects for the post season.
Are the stars finally in alignment for a Philadelphia sports team? I was 14 when the Phillies were world champs in 1980. With the Eagles in the Super Bowl a few months later and the Sixers and Flyers always a power, I thought championships would come easy.
If it happens tonight, savor it!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Shamokin with faint playoff hopes against Mifflinburg

Montgomery returns tonight

At 3-5, this fan is still smiling!

Only the faithful remain at practice
Shamokin travels to Mifflinburg tonight to try to go 4-5 on the year and keep faint playoff hopes alive. Right now Shamokin's chances in Districts are better than Eastern Conference. North Schuylkill, who still hasn't qualified for District XI is ahead of the Indians in the EC with a game in Week 10 against Mount Carmel.
The online poll says Mount Carmel will beat Southern by a 75% to 25% of the responders. This is a good game for both squads with bigger fish to fry in the postseason.

If Lewisburg could score two touchdown, I believe Southern can. In 2008, MCA has a little too much on both side of sides of the ball.

MCA 27 - SCA 14

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Down, Three to Go!!!!!

Phils go up 1-0 in the Series. Don't get too excited. The Phils were up 1-0 on the Orioles in 1983. It would take 10 years until the Phils would win another World Series game.

From the strange trivia file, the last time the Republicans have won a presidential election without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket was 1928. We all know how that turned out for Herbert Hoover. For some reason, I feel sorry for President Dwight David Eisenhower.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's the Rays and Phils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone send me a ticket!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin BOOED at Flyers game

With the NY Rangers going out to 4-0 lead, the fans had reason to boo. This woke up the boo birds early.

Sarah Palin BOOED at hockey game

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sidewalk to Nowhere, McCain Supporters in Bethlehem, PA

Notice the "goose stepping"?

I wonder what 325 employess of Fleetwood in Paxinos, PA think?

Some more scary people.

Part 2 - The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio

Here is a list of job loss in the Susquehanna Valley since 2002:

March 2002: 320 worker of Sanmina-SCI, formerly JPM, lost their jobs at the Lewisburg cable-assembly plant.

July 2004: 140 workers lose their job when TRW closed in Danville, PA.

December 2004: 425 workers at PA House lost their jobs when La-Z-Boy closed in Lewisburg.

May 2006: 300 workers lost their jobs when cabinet maker Yorktowne, Inc. announced it was moving 300 jobs to Virginia.

June 2008: 155 workers at Phillips Products in Selinsgrove, PA lost their jobs when the vinyl window and door make close it's plant.

October 2008: 325 Fleetwood workers sent packing in Paxinos 2008.

Thanks Bob for the video.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fleetwood to close Paxinos plant

Fleetwood announced the closing of it's Paxinos play by December. 325 people will lose their jobs.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Selinsgrove Seals inside the numbers against Shamokin

A closer look at the at the stats of Selinsgrove against Shamokin looks good on the surface. The Seals scored 41 points, rushed for 41 times for 325 yards and threw for 117.

If you look at the rushing yards and subtract the following:

Lauver - 94 yard run.
Briggs - 45 and 22 yard scrambles
Keiser - 53 yard run
Benner - 30 yard run

That is 244 yards. So take away those five plays. The Seals average per rush on 36 carries is a mere 2.25/rush attempt. Keep in mind the Seals were 13-19 through the air.

Here is where the Seals did their damage. Selinsgrove was 5 of 8 on third down and three for three on fourth downconversions. The defense also had three interceptions.

Look for the game on Friday with Southern to be a defensive battle and scoring should be a premium. I don't believe Southern's "D" will give up five big plays to the Seals. The game may hinge on the arm of Corey Briggs which has shown alot of improvement since week 1 against Mount Carmel.

If Southern has to go to the air, we will be able to measure the strides Jeremy Campbell has made.

Missed It
After sitting through 53 minutes of Susquehanna University falling behind to the Merchant Marine Academy 35-21, my son and decided to leave.

Neel Kashkari....Do you know this man????

Read his background.

We just might need a rocket scientist to bail us out. Being a Goldman man and Paulson man, I have my reservations who will be bailed.

Is the English translation for Kashkari, Cash and Carry?

Sarah Palin debates Joe Biden on SNL

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Real Sarah Palin!!!!

The Obama girl, Amber Lee Ettinger who is from Hazleton, is back. This time she has the lead role in Don't Cry for Me Alaska, The Sarah Palin Story.

Can't wait for what SNL has in store for tonight.

Thanks Gort!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chris Caney Against Thievery

Once again Chris Carney (10th PA) stood up for the taxpayers against Paulson (Sheriff of Nottingham).

Thanks Chris.

The Bill HR 1424 passes 263-171 anyway.

Here is the Roll Call

700 Billion "Bailout"? "Rescue"? You Make the Call

The "How" it happened by the NY Times.

"Why" the bailout by the Smirking Chimp.

For the most part, Wall Street deregulates itself to the max which is a common practice in the current administration. Washington farms out oversight and asked Wall Street (Fox) to police(watch the henhouse) themselves.

Follow the trail.

Foreign investment flowed into Wall Street while toxic mortgage backed securities and derivatives flowed out of Wall Street to the global community. In order to stave off international lawsuits, here comes the US taxpayer to cover the tab.

Hopefully, come November, conservativism will go by the wayside as the likes of Facism and Nazism. What we need now is functionalism.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shamokin Interview for Selinsgrove

There is no interview for this week with Selinsgrove. Coach Zielinskie politely declined to be recorded. Here is Coach Z.'s address at last year pre-camp cook out.

"We are getting better," said Coach Zielinskie off camera.

Half of the season is in the books for area teams and there are a few surprises. I will run them down here and let me know what you think.

Mount Carmel had many seniors but there defense halfway through has surpassed expectations.

Southern Area got through a rough early stretch and look to week#9 showdown with Mount Carmel for the Heartland Division II Championship. Many expected Southern to be aroun 7-3. Barring major injuries they could find themselves in Hershey. Like Tigers teams past, you look up at the scoreboard in the 4th quarter and find yourself losing 35-0 and Southern just put up 400 rushing yards and their defense doesn't yield too many points.

Shamokin Area has won back-to-back games for the first time in close to four seasons. The Indians were probably hit most by injuries on and off the field and lost player games in between. Even with all their players there and healthy like projected in mid-summer, the Indians are still no better than 3-2 at this point. Shamokin looks like a favorite against Warrior Run, Loyalsock and Mifflinburg in the second half of the season and underdogs against Selinsgrove and Montoursville. 5-5 would put the Indians in the hunt for the playoffs. Could it be the second meeting with Mount Carmel in the same season? Look for the Indians to play Montoursville tough, they always do and should have won last year's game.

North Schuylkill - came out of the gate 3-0 after a bad four year run.
Central Columbia - possible playoffs after 3 wins in the past three seasons.
Lewisburg - Long time since the Green Dragon's started 5-0. They won the West Branch with 11-0 in 1981.
Danville - The surprise is only two wins and not improving.
Good luck to all teams in the second half of the season.

SNL of Sara Palin being interviewed by Katie Couric

Life imitating Art???????