Monday, October 27, 2008

History made at the Shamokin-Mifflinburg game.

Broadcasting high school football and basketball for 12 years, I finally made some history. I may have been the first broadcaster ejected from the event before it started. For some reason, the athletic department could not handle placing four electronic media outlets. For whatever reason, I was still not able to stay in the press box after another media outlet made room. What was the problem? Beats me. We did broadcast from the same place last season with as many electronic media outlets in the box.

What got me ejected?

After being told I couldn't remain in the press box, I was on my way to the visiting sideline when I told someone I will never come (insert expletive) here again. Seeing that I was such a threat, I was removed from the stadium. So much for freedom of speech. Is it ok for a Mifflinburg fan to say, "lock up the farm animals, here come the Shamokin fans?"

How did we make history? We became the first to broadcast a game from a vehicle. We did it in style from a 1983 Mercedes 300SD powered by grease.

To the good taxpayers of Mifflinburg:

If your athletic department cannot plan and make accommodations for four media outlets, could they be shortchanging your students. They seemed challenged in answering basic questions. If this is difficult in the future, please contact Mount Carmel, Shamokin, Southern, Selinsgrove, or the Montoursville school districts. They have plenty of experience handling multiple media.

Apologies? I have one and not to the Mifflinburg High School athletic department. Shamokin senior Dan Ruskuskie scored his first varsity touchdown and from our vantage point we got the player incorrect on the air.

Mount Carmel at Southern
They went at it hard for four quarters and the Red Tornadoes won in a close one. I still like both school prospects for the post season.
Are the stars finally in alignment for a Philadelphia sports team? I was 14 when the Phillies were world champs in 1980. With the Eagles in the Super Bowl a few months later and the Sixers and Flyers always a power, I thought championships would come easy.
If it happens tonight, savor it!!!!!

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arbo41 said...

That stinks! Keep up the good work commentating the Shamokin games. Can't wait to hear you next year at the good ole Kemp Memorial Stadium for the first game.