Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Corbett and Masser set to attend MCA game at Southern Columbia

107th District candidate Kurt Masser and Republican gubenatorial candidate Tom Corbett will attend the Mount Carmel at Southern Area football game tonight according to the News-Item.

Dan Foor and a Preview for Shikellamy

Shamokin takes a short trip down route 61 to take on the Braves of Shikellamy.  Last years the Braves picked up their first win against Shamokin since 1983.  This season we could include both teams in playoff talks.

The Braves feature a strong running game led by QB Garrett Pope and Dominick Wolfe.  Shamokin Area counters with 1000-yard rusher Jared Montgomery.  Both teams like to keep things on the ground with Shikellamy running a triple option while the Indians counter with the wing-t.

Right now Shamokin leads Shikellamy by 10 point in the District IV standings and face Mount Carmel for the Coal Bucket next Friday at the Silver Bowl.  Shikellamy closes out the regular season at what should be a winless Milton Black Panther team.

The Braves defensively had a hard time stopping anything in the beginning of the season, but have been better lately.  Shamokin's Achilles heel has been pass defense?  Will a pass win this for the Braves?  We will see tonight.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Size of PA State Legislature Too Big?

There are many points that I and Talking Points author Greg Maresca disagree.  We do find a common ground when it comes to the size of the PA State Legislature.  Here are some of the obvious:

PA has 253 legislators including 50 Senators.  We have 50 Senators representing 12 million people.  The United States has 100 Senators representing over 300 million people.
  Here are some of the rest.

If the Tea Party Wins, America Loses

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Race for PA Governor.....Only a Creek Runs Through It

Growing up in the greater Shamokin area and calling the area home for most of my 44 years, a common sight to see was like the on pictured above.  The common name for it among the locals was a "sh*t crick".  In the scientific community it is called "yellow boy." It is a stream of water affected by acid mine drainage.  Along the shore nothing grows and the ecosystem is fragile.  High concentrations of iron, aluminum and magnesium populate the creek.

There is no historical record exist of when Shamokin Creek changed color but the Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance have identified 54 areas of discharge into the creek. The Alliance was formed by a group of volunteers in the mid-90's.  Through grants and volunteers are trying to restore life to the creek.

Throughout my life, many family and friends have come to visit Shamokin and wonder why a "sh*t" flows through the main artery of our town.  It has been flowing so long, we have accepted it as part of our life.

How does this effect the PA governors race???

Tom Corbett is running for governor on the Republican ticket.  He does not favor a severance tax on the natural gas industry.  His claim is a tax will chase drillers away from the state.  So every other state that drills and has a tax has chased drillers away?

With the industry just in it's infancy is PA, the environmental problems are creeping in and well documented.

The Pocono Record could give you 835,720 reasons for not voting for Corbett.

Other reasons for not voting for Corbett. First, he doesn't like the First Amendment.   Remember ITRR, Rendell gets too much of a pass here.  What did Corbett know and when did he know it? Imagine finding out former Governor Ridge hired the same company as the head of Homeland Security to give the same phony terror alerts.

Corbett doesn't like the 2nd Amendment.  MSNBC reports Cabot hired armed guards to accompany employees onto residential properties after a resident was charged with disorderly conduct earlier this month for an incident with a gun.  What is Corbett's comment?  Was the Coal and Iron Police resurrected led by Franklin Gowen?

Corbett's friends don't play nice with children's money. Also, here is another questionable deal. Ridge and former state AG Leroy Zimmerman both sitting on the Board of Trustees at Hershey.

If you have to work for a living, Corbett has a problem with you.

On Tuesday, a vote for Corbett could be four years of a creek like the one pictured above coming to you. Remember, greed never sleeps.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Nice to be Read

In this past Sunday's News-Item, I got a plug Talking Points author Greg Maresca.  Mr. Maresca references a post I made back in December titled Carney being Courted by the Darkside.  If you don't want to link up with the original article, here is the text:

Chris Carney (D-PA10th) was asked by John McCain to join the Republican Party.

With Malcolm Derk of Union County being the first to throw his hat into the Republican Party, there are several questions to ask? Do the national Republicans have or want to throw any money into this campaign. In 2008, Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett were well funded and lost a district McCain won by 9 points.

Could they be strong arming Carney with a threat of big money? Stay tuned.
Since I ran the original post in December of 2009 and the decision in Citizens United vs. the FEC, SCOTUS ruled 5-4 in favor of corporations and unions with First Amendment protection came out in January, My last sentence turns out to be true.

On his October 24th article, Mr Maresca argues that people are not leaning left or right, but back to the Constitution..  In his article published on September 26th, Maresca wonders why the GOP can't find room for O'Donnell under the "big tent."

In only a few short weeks, O'Donnell had problems with the First Amendment while debating her Democratic counterpart.  In an interview ala Sarah Palin, O'Donnell had problems with naming a SCOTUS decision that she didn't favor.  In her deer-in-the-headlights moment, she said she would put it on her website.

Columnist Leonard Pitts opined over the weekend that "we get the leaders we deserve."

In a letter to the Daily-Item on Sunday, William Shirk questions the "conservative outrage." 

I would love to see the US go back to the Constitution.  We have spent 1.1 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Why was Article 1, Section 8 ignored?  To boot, most of the money came in supplemental spending and was not included in a fiscal year appropriation.

We have a local candidate in the 107th that wants to put Healthcare Reform Bill on a PA Referendum.  Please check Article VI of the Constitution.  He follows a gubernatorial candidate who filed a lawsuit 7 minutes after the bill was passed.

In all the ads leading up to the November 2nd election, you would think Nancy Pelosi was running for a House or Senate seat in PA.  She is currently the speaker of the House and it is up to her to get legislation to the floor for a vote.  If you approve any legislation, you will side with the speaker of the House no matter what party they represent.  You can usually find a Pelosi reference in Talking Points weekly.

Tony Rhodin thinks Pat Toomey is very smart and also very wrong.  Rhodin offers a simple version of Pat Toomey while sitting on the Lehigh Valley Express eeditorial board. If you can read a little more than a bumper sticker, this is for you.

Also, please read Dave Johnson's Eight False Things the Public "Knows" Prior to Election Day.

I once read in Talking Points how the stock market tanked from the Election of Barack Obama until mid-February.  For the record, since Obama took office the Dow Jones is up nearly 3000 points.  (2935.08 to be exact from his first full day 1/21/09 to the close of the market on 10/25/10.)

If you want a regurgitated version of what is said by the Heritage Foundation with a sampling from Fox News and a vilified sidebar of the New York Times, Newsweek, or Time, Talking Points is a great read for conservative fans of the Sunday News-Item.  Colbert and Stewart are usually off on Sunday.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phall of the Phils in 2010

Best record in baseball, yeah right!!! Strong pitching, check!  No-hitter pitched in the fist round?  All came tumbling down last night as the San Francisco Giants advanced to their first World Series since 2002.

The Phillies were attempting to become the first National League three-peater since the 1940's.   Now just go down in Philadelphia lore as the '77 Sixers or 2002 Eagles.  Why the comparison?  The '77 Sixers won two games in the NBA finals on the road before losing the final 4 to a Bill Walton led Portland Trailblazers. 

The 2002 Eagles had everything going.  Facing a franchise that never won a road playoff game.  A team that was 1-22 in games under 40 degrees.  Last game played at Veterans Stadium.  Bet the house on the Birds???  Three hours later and 27-10 loss was maybe the worse in Philadelphia sports history. 

Rank this collapse or absence of bats just as historic.  If you would have told me a week ago Tim Lincecum would be 0-1 with a no decision and the series would only go six,  I would be looking for a World Series ticket to fall out of the sky.

This team will be losing Jason Werth to the high bidders, but seems to be built to make another run. Lets face it, the Braves have a new manager, the Mets have a new manager and are awful, and who is the Nat's manager.  Some players have to regroup and get healthy again, but player moves are for another post.

Back to earth and being a Philadelphia sports fan. High hopes dashed once again.

At least this Yankee fan knows that "NY" stands for next year.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Passing Judgement

Who are we to pass judgement?  Martin Luther King once asked a nation to judge a man by the content of his character.  Earlier this week in a legislative debate in the PA 107th District a 20 year domestice issue was brought up by a panelist citing an ad by the PA House Democratic Campaign Committee. (Don't shoot the messenger)

The story in the election cycle started back in July when Republican Kurt Masser held a press conference citing that he had been involved in domestic violence event while married to his ex-wife.  "It was the worse day of my life," Masser had said. 

During the debate held on Monday between Masser and Democratic Candidate George Zalar, more graphic details surfaced to the public light.  Both sides since are crying foul.  The Democratic Campaign Committee were hoping to raise an issue with women and use the old campaign theme that a cover-up is worse than the crime. The issue may have backfired.  Although how horrible and violent, there have been couples and spouses to overcome domestic violence in 107th including Masser and his ex-wife.


Whether it has been maturity or an epiphany, Masser has a 20-year record of community service. Masser and wife ended their contract with each other moved on while raising a son currently in law school.  She publicly forgave him in July and earlier this week. Over the years, Masser has helped out organizations raise fund for scholarships and many other worthy causes throughout the 107th. Some were made public and some not.  Masser never asked for anything in return and stayed out of the limelight.  He also volunteered and served as a coach with the Ralpho Youth Sports Authority. He also has 7 years of a legislative record while serving as a Northumberland County Commissioner. 

While Masser and I have worked together on some scholarship efforts together, we couldn't be any more far apart politically.  I respect his view and hope he respects mine. (This has been the butt of jokes long before his entry into the state arena)

Typically, candidates appeal to voters that are similar to themselves, but a little better then themselves or someone to look up to and count on. On November 2nd, voters of the 107th should do their do their due diligence and look at the issues facing Pennsylvanians and the 107th today and what both candidates bring to the table.  Only each individual voter can decide if what was in the past, remains in the past.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shamokin to Face Unbeaten Danville

In week 5 of 2009, having a 2-2 record and coming off a 62-6 loss to Selinsgrove, the Danville Ironmen were looking for something to turn that campaign around.  Tied at 10 at the half with Shamokin, Danville scored two second half touchdowns and shut out the Indian's in the second half for a 24-10 win.

Danville would go on to win 5 straight before getting knocked out of the playoffs by Loyalsock in Week 11.  Since the Shamokin game, the Ironmen are 12-1.  They feature a strong running, attack, good passing, and a defense with speed.

How will this one play out?  Shamokin nearly got caught taking a half off, but managed to beat Montoursville for their first road win of the year.  Danville turned in a great performance at home beating longtime rival Southern 28-18.  Will Danville have a letdown?

Jared Montgomery could become the first Shamokin back since Tim Krebs in 2005 to rush for over 1000 yards.  A win by Ironmen will give the outright championship of the HAC-1.  A solid game by Indians could add some confidence heading on the road to Shikellamy and Mount Carmel in the last two weeks of the season.

With Jared Montgomery returning a kickoff 88 yards for a touchdown last week.  We were wondering who was the last Indian to do it? Tim Boussan returned the second half kick in 2009 against Warrior Run in Turbotville.  I guess the soggy conditions and mud took most of my memory of that game.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What's In a Name?

There will be a public meeting tomorrow night at the Shamokin Area High School auditorium at 6:30 pm to discuss plans for the proposed Anthracite Outdoor Recreation Park formerly known as the OHV Park.

Park seen as an 'Economic Engine.'

The 3-hour Tour.

The county will host a workshop from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. today at Masser's Banquet Hall that will be conducted by the Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Association, in cooperation with the National OHV Conservation Council (NOHVCC).

In other news:

In the 108th, Lynda Schlegel-Culver and Tony Michetti will debate at Shikellamy High School at 6:30 pm.  Listen here.

In the 107th, George Zalar and Kurt Masser will square off at the Danville Borough Hall on Mill Street at 7:00 pm.

With Penn State taking Saturday off, Senate candidate Pat Toomey candidate found 35 people to listen to him in Selinsgrove.

Mount Carmel Shut Out Again

Although it doesn't happen often, but it is news when Mount Carmel gets shut out in a football season.  It is big news when the Red Tornadoes get shut out twice in the same season.

Checking back over the history book at Mount Carmel, the last time two shut outs occurred was back in 2006 when the Red Tornadoes were blanked 54-0 to Southern and 8-0 to Shikellamy. The '87 team was shut out twice by North Schuylkill and Williamsport.  1985 was the least productive with the Big Red being shut out five times in an 11-game season.  Tamaqua, Pittston, Shamokin, Berwick and Pottsville pitched them.  The Pittston, Shamokin and Berwick games were part of a three game stretch where Mount Carmel were outscored 64-0.  Finally, you have to travel back to the 1971, 1960 and 1951 when two regular season shut outs have occurred.

No one wants to be shut out, only happening six times over 50 years is quite impressive.

The Heartland Fab Five remains unchanged.  Even with losses by Southern and Mount Carmel, they will stay put for now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall 2010

Sunday was a nice day to look around and enjoy the day. Here are some pictures.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Difficult Schedules????

In most of last week's newspapers, much reference was made of the difficulty of the Southern Columbia football schedule.  The Tigers have games with Lewisburg, Bloomsburg, Danville Mount Carmel and Selinsgrove in the final six weeks of the season. 

With an opener against Line Mountain, the Tigers indeed have the toughest schedule in the area.  Mount Carmel and Shamokin also finish on a tough note.  The Red Tornadoes play at North Schuylkill tonight, host Shikellamy next week, travel to Southern in week 9 and host Shamokin Area for the Coal Bucket.  With earlier games against Selinsgrove and Lewisburg, Mount Carmel may tie Southern for toughest schedule.

Shamokin may actually get to benefit.  The Indians will play Danville a week after the Ironmen play Southern.  They travel to Shikellamy a week after the Braves play Mount Carmel.  The Indians close out the regular season at Mount Carmel after the Red Tornadoes have played North Schuylkill, Shikellamy and Southern.  Will the Indians come up big?

Shikellamy plays Mount Carmel and Shamokin back-to-back in week's 8 and 9.

One thing for sure is that playoff seedings remain wide open.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dan Foor Talks About Montoursville

Shamokin Area searches for their 5th win of the season on Friday at Montoursville. The last time the Indians had wins in season was 2005 after 19-16 upset of Southern Area to start that campaign. How will the Indians perform?

Shamokin Area are 4-0 at home with a home game remaining next week against the Danville Ironmen. Then the Indians will take some short trip to Shikellamy and Mount Carmel.   The end of the Indian's schedule is a little tough, but Danville will be coming off a big game with Southern.  Shikellamy will be coming off a game with Mount Carmel.  Mount Carmel will be coming of games with Shikellamy and Southern Area.  Shamokin Area may able to take advantage of someone coming out flat.

The task at hand will be this week.  Jim Bergen is stepping down after 24 years at the helm of Montoursville. The Warriors have wins against Central Columbia and Jersey Shore, but have looked bad in their four losses.  Montoursville is a very young team and the experience should pay dividends to the new coaching staff.

Last two times Shamokin hit the road, the team basically didn't get off the bus and were beaten early.  How will the Indians react to the longest bus ride of the season.  Basically, you could call this a playoff game.  Shamokin with be underdogs the rest of the season.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Heartland Fab Five Change

With Southern's 41-14 victory over Bloomsburg on Friday, there is a change to my Heartland Fab Five. The Top 3 remain the same with Lewisburg, Danville, and Southern.  Mount Carmel moves up to the 4th position and while Selinsgrove enters the #5 spot.  Bloomsburg drops out of the poll.

Friday's game for Southern could be described in three chapters; dominating, resting, and finishing. Southern came out and dominated the both sides of the line of scrimmage, but could not overcome some penalties to put the game out of reach.

The stumble at the end of the second and beginning of the 3rd allowed Bloomsburg to tie the game at 14.  The tie would only last for the kickoff.  On the first play from scrimmage following the kick, Tyrell Thomas went 70 yards for a TD and Southern never looked back.

With the win, Southern goes to 5-1 and will have another show down with undefeated Danville.  The good that came out of Friday's game was that the Tiger's running game got on track and were for the most part able to impose their will on the Panthers.

Defensively, Southern was able to cover most of the Bloomsburg receiver with man coverage and were able to keep the heat on Blake Rankin.

The only negative in the win were the penalties.  First, the Tigers committed 11 of them.  Second, they were not able to keep drives alive after they were committed.  More on penalties down below.

TV, Officials and Penalties
The Southern-Bloom game was televised live by WNEP16 (2).  Between TV timeouts, penalties and pass attempts the game lasted close to 3 hours.  The officials never seemed to be on the same page when the TV timeouts were called.  It led to Jim Roth questioning the officials whether coach Sones was allowed to bring his Panthers over to the sideline.

I'm all for TV coverage, but when it becomes more of a field distraction maybe some simple rules should be observed.

During the regular season, a game cannot be stopped by media.  Simple.

Getting back to the other side of officials,  I was a little surprised.  In Week 6, two teams were called for 21 penalties.  Friday was the third Southern game that I had the privilege to broadcast.  In the previous two with Line Mountain and Shamokin, the Tigers were not called for one illegal block.  On Friday, the were called for three from the line of scrimmage.   What did the officials see in Week 6 that wasn't seen in Week 1 or 2?

Bad Weekend for Local QB's

Dave Shinskie regained his starting spot on Saturday for Boston College.  One TD pass and two INT's, with the latter being returned 28 yards for a TD, Shinskie was pulled from the game.  Again, BC doesn't have a QB problem.  Their problem is lack of a running game and offensive line playing poor right now.  Boston College lost to NC State 44-17.

Shamokin Area graduate Marc Persing now sharing time at QB for Wilkes, suffered a broken leg that will require surgery.  Persing drove Wilkes 48 yards in the middle of a 22-point, 4th quarter comeback where the Colonels beat Lebanon Valley in 35-28 in OT.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jim Roth Talks About the Bloomsburg Panthers for Week #6

Southern comes into Friday's game facing an undefeated Bloomburg Panther team at 5-0 through the first half the season. Including Bloomsburg, the last five Tiger opponents are 18-7 including a 2-3 Selinsgrove.

How will this game shape up? Southern used up the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter in last season's playoff game against the Panthers to put the game out of reach.

This season after five games, Southern has struggled to run the football. For the first time in a long time, no one in the Tiger backfield is averaging close to 100 yards a game. Will the once vaunted running game be the Achilles heel?

Bloomsburg return most of their roster from last years team and are a little more physical up front. How physical remains to be seen.

Although Bloomsburg is 5-0 on the season, their toughest win has been against Montoursville. The Warriors are simply not the Warriors we are accustomed to see under Jim Bergen.

Strength of schedule will be big in this one. The Tigers already have been tested with Line Mountain, Shamokin, and Lewisburg.

Even though the Panthers have Blake Rankin, Southern has the better supporting cast.

The Tigers can't get caught looking ahead to Danville, every game is a meat grinder from here on out.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

High Hopes for the Playoffs?

Take it away, Harry!!!!!!

Almost to the day of Don Larsen's perfect game in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series, Roy Halladay no-hits the Reds in his first postseason start. Halladay walked one and threw 24 of 28 first pitch strikes.

Halladay becomes the first pitcher since Nolan Ryan in 1973 to throw two no-hitters in the same season.

Many towns in central and eastern PA have been hit hard by this Great Recession. Many a Phillie Phan has been hit hard. It is when I think of two movie quotes:

The first by character Terrance Mann in the movie, Field of Dreams:

The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come. 
Growing up in the 70's and 80's, I had seen the Phillies in the playoffs in '76, '77, '78, '80 and '83.  The constant back then was Harry Kalas, my dad and me.  Well, dad and Harry are gone, but this game is part of my past and my son was watching along with me tonight.  It does remind of all that once was good and it could be again!!!!

Franks Papale in the movie, Invincible:

I know. That touchdown got me through 30 years at that factory. Got me through all those times your mother being sick. When I told you not to get your hopes up... didn't mean that I wasn't.

Hopefully, the effort tonight by Halladay will get many a Phillie Phan through some times when things are tough.

Philles Start the Drive at Phive!!!!

The Phillies will begin the road to their 2nd title in three years at 5:07. Will these two be celebrating???

Season of the Witch

Did anyone find this funny??????

"I gotta be you"

General Assembly Approves Bill for State Funding of Marcellus Infrastructure

The PA State House approve HB2291 yesterday by a 128-68 count. It was an act providing for capital expenditures for 2010-2011.

Marcellus-related projects added to the projects bill by the Senate include:

- Carbondale Railyard Transload Facility, $5.4 million. The new railyard is being developed by Honesdale-based Linde Corp. to serve the natural gas industry.

- New rail facility to support shipping of products related to natural gas industry, Northumberland County $5 million.
- Five plants in Clearfield and Elk counties to treat and recycle hydrofracturing wastewater from Marcellus Shale drillers. Each requests state aid in the $4 million to $6 million range.

- Marcellus Shale industrial building at former brownfield site, Clearfield County, $1.2 million.

- Marcellus Shale enterprise center, Clearfield County, $10 million.

- Marcellus Shale learning resource center, Westmoreland County, $2 million.

- Delaware & Hudson Railway, build transload facilities and rehabilitate rail lines on this old anthracite region railroad from the New York State line to Sunbury to accommodate "new commodities and developing markets," $31 million. The railroad extends through Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Luzerne counties where natural gas drilling and exploration is occurring.

The original story ran in the Time-Tribune by Robert Swift.

Page 353 of the PDF file contains the following.

-5 million to rehab the old Fleetwood Motorhome plant in Ralpho Township. (Is something moving in?)

- 1 million for a regional recreation in Coal Township. (Purchase of the Ames Building?)

- 3.6 million for the propose OHV Park in southern Northumberland County.

Nearly 99% of the projects would be funded with the sale of bonds, 12.5 out of 12.6 billion dollars including all of the above.

While the debate goes on to add a severance tax to the Marcellus industry, we get to foot the bill for the extra's.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lewsiburg on top of the Fab Five

The Lewisburg Green Dragons ascended into the number one spot in the Heartland Conference Fab Five poll.  Lewisburg defeated Southern Columbia on Friday 28-21 to remain unbeaten at 5-0. Lewisburg has not defeated Southern Columbia and Mount Carmel on the road this season.

In the state championship era, looking through some records, I believe the 2000 Selinsgrove Seals were able to defeat both Southern and Mount Carmel in the same season.  The seals win against Southern did come at home. 

Danville moves up to the #2 spot while Southern drops to #3.  All of this will take care of itself on the field as Southern host Bloomsburg this week and will take on Danville later in the season.  The District IV 'AA" playoffs will sort out the rest.

Dave Shinskie and the BC Eagles

A little over a week ago, I was looking foward to seeing Dave Shinskie play against Notre Dame at home. Hell, I was considering taking the trip to Chestnut Hill or Syracuse later in the year.  Now a few days later, I have to wonder if Shinskie has taken his last snap at BC.

The Bleacher Report wrote this after the VA Tech game.

While the Globe has BC's season looking bleak.

On Saturday, the best place for Shinskie was on the sideline.  The offensive line was as bad as the Philadelphia Eagles and the play calling was a joke.  Anyone notice how much the Irish respected the BC quarterbacks when BC ran the spread?  Coming into the game, ND was 97th against the rush. With scheme insterted BC managed to net 5 yards and Montel Harris had 28 yards on the ground.

Chase Rettig wasn't all that impressive at the start. His TD pass came when an ND defender went for a junior move.

Right now, Rettig is wearing a boot, Marscovetra was ineffective and Shinskie waits and watches.

A veteran offensive line is playing bad, there are no go receivers, and coaches are throwing darts at questions hoping for answers.

Shinskie answers questions after VA Tech.  Strange irony my friend from Villanova, Trags posted the video

Saturday, October 2, 2010

In the End, Things Go Right for the Shamokin Indians

Last night Shamokin could have piled up 500 yards of offense and lost the football game.  It was the 502nd yard that mattered most as Jared Montgomery hauled in a 32-yard touchdown pass with 56 seconds left in the game. The Indains drew the play up in the huddle and never practiced it. It also came on a 4th-and-9.

It was Shamokin Area's only lead of the night and the only time it mattered.  The Indian trailed by as much as 14 and by 12 with less than 5 minutes to go.

The Shamokin secondary was torched for over 300 yards and 4 TD passes by Tyler Bogaczyk. 

In my preview, I was worred about Loyalsock's ability to pass would open things up for Mike Kinney who came into the game averaging 124 yards.  It was the Indians front seven who held Loyalsock to under 2 yards a rush and Kinney to just 36 yards on 17 carries including stoning him on a third-and-two late in the game.

With games left against Milton and Montoursville where the Indians should be a favorite, plus a toss-up game with Shikellamy, Shamokin Area could be looking at the first winning season and playoff appearance since 2004.  

The road now is a little tough for Loyalsock.  They will be underdogs in 3 out of their last 5 games as the Lancer dropped to 2-3 on the season.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ready for the 80's in Shamokin Tonight

Tonight's Shamokin Indian game with Loyalsock presents two teams at the crossroads of their respective seasons.  Both started out with 2 wins and both have given up over 80 points in their last two games resulting in losses. In a 46-38 loss to Shikellamy, the Braves did not complete a pass in defeating the Lancers.

Although there were some good things to see in Shamokin's loss to Southern two weeks ago, the Indian's effort stayed at the Susquehanna Valley Mall or somewhere in between.  The Indians pass defense was torched by Selinsgrove for a 31-0 lead at the half in cruising to a 38-7 victory.

Both teams tonight will try to feature their running games.  Mike Kinney averages over 7 yards a carry and close to 125 yards a game for Loyalock and is big, physical downhill runner.  Shamokin's offense was offensive last week with less than 80 yards.  The Indians scored their only touchdown on a fumble recovery long after the game was decided.

What will be the tipping point?  The Lancer with all their defensive woes, have completed 44 passes on the season for over 700 yards.  When was Shamokin's last interception by a defensive back? 

Unless the Indians find a way to stop the pass, Kinney could have a big day.  This won will be won or loss by Shamokin's defense tonight.