Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phall of the Phils in 2010

Best record in baseball, yeah right!!! Strong pitching, check!  No-hitter pitched in the fist round?  All came tumbling down last night as the San Francisco Giants advanced to their first World Series since 2002.

The Phillies were attempting to become the first National League three-peater since the 1940's.   Now just go down in Philadelphia lore as the '77 Sixers or 2002 Eagles.  Why the comparison?  The '77 Sixers won two games in the NBA finals on the road before losing the final 4 to a Bill Walton led Portland Trailblazers. 

The 2002 Eagles had everything going.  Facing a franchise that never won a road playoff game.  A team that was 1-22 in games under 40 degrees.  Last game played at Veterans Stadium.  Bet the house on the Birds???  Three hours later and 27-10 loss was maybe the worse in Philadelphia sports history. 

Rank this collapse or absence of bats just as historic.  If you would have told me a week ago Tim Lincecum would be 0-1 with a no decision and the series would only go six,  I would be looking for a World Series ticket to fall out of the sky.

This team will be losing Jason Werth to the high bidders, but seems to be built to make another run. Lets face it, the Braves have a new manager, the Mets have a new manager and are awful, and who is the Nat's manager.  Some players have to regroup and get healthy again, but player moves are for another post.

Back to earth and being a Philadelphia sports fan. High hopes dashed once again.

At least this Yankee fan knows that "NY" stands for next year.

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