Friday, October 22, 2010

Passing Judgement

Who are we to pass judgement?  Martin Luther King once asked a nation to judge a man by the content of his character.  Earlier this week in a legislative debate in the PA 107th District a 20 year domestice issue was brought up by a panelist citing an ad by the PA House Democratic Campaign Committee. (Don't shoot the messenger)

The story in the election cycle started back in July when Republican Kurt Masser held a press conference citing that he had been involved in domestic violence event while married to his ex-wife.  "It was the worse day of my life," Masser had said. 

During the debate held on Monday between Masser and Democratic Candidate George Zalar, more graphic details surfaced to the public light.  Both sides since are crying foul.  The Democratic Campaign Committee were hoping to raise an issue with women and use the old campaign theme that a cover-up is worse than the crime. The issue may have backfired.  Although how horrible and violent, there have been couples and spouses to overcome domestic violence in 107th including Masser and his ex-wife.


Whether it has been maturity or an epiphany, Masser has a 20-year record of community service. Masser and wife ended their contract with each other moved on while raising a son currently in law school.  She publicly forgave him in July and earlier this week. Over the years, Masser has helped out organizations raise fund for scholarships and many other worthy causes throughout the 107th. Some were made public and some not.  Masser never asked for anything in return and stayed out of the limelight.  He also volunteered and served as a coach with the Ralpho Youth Sports Authority. He also has 7 years of a legislative record while serving as a Northumberland County Commissioner. 

While Masser and I have worked together on some scholarship efforts together, we couldn't be any more far apart politically.  I respect his view and hope he respects mine. (This has been the butt of jokes long before his entry into the state arena)

Typically, candidates appeal to voters that are similar to themselves, but a little better then themselves or someone to look up to and count on. On November 2nd, voters of the 107th should do their do their due diligence and look at the issues facing Pennsylvanians and the 107th today and what both candidates bring to the table.  Only each individual voter can decide if what was in the past, remains in the past.

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