Sunday, September 28, 2008

Universal Signs for "Next Year"

Do both of these logos stand for next year?


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shamokin Area beats someone not named Shikellamy

For the first time since week #3 of the 2006 season, Shamokin Area defeated a football team not named Shikellamy. In the first half, Shamokin was almost flawless. The Indians went out to a 21-0 lead and the defense held All-State quarterback Andrew Shoop to one completion for four yard and two first downs.

The first half half ended when Shamokin was stopped on a fourth-and-goal from the three or the damage could have been worse. Give the Ironmen credit, they regrouped at the half. The defense who gave nearly 180 yards on the ground only gave up a net 9 yards in the second half on the ground.

Danville pounced on a blocked punt in the endzone to start their scoring and 61-yard pass put the Ironmen on the three with 9 minutes left in the fourth. On the next play, Michael Owen-Wright punched it in from three yards out.

Ghosts of losses past exercised
The Indians who have found more ways to loose in these situations suddenly came up with two defensive stands to preserve the victory.
Patrick Shinskie fell on a fumble at the Indian 18 with under three minutes to play. After three straight runs, Danville forced a Shamokin punt and a good return put them in business at the Indian 40. A first down by the Ironmen had the ball at the Shamokin 30, but four straight incompletions ended the threat.
Key Moments
Shamokin coach Dave Zielinskie burning two timeouts on defense early in the game set the tone for the defense in the first half. After an early lead, he could see the Central Blue Jays dancing in his head.
With over 5 minutes left in the third Danville's Andrew Schoop scrambled for a 10-yard gain and first down near the Danville bench. There were some extracariculars and the Ironmen were whistled for two deadball personal fouls going back to the 18 and making it a second and 30 situation. What happened? We don't know. 9.9 times out of 10 over the years the yellow laundry has gone against Shamokin.
Shamokin's secondary held Danville to six completions for the game. Not bad when you consider Mike Zielinskie a starter last year hasn't played all season. Jared Montgomery was not dressed. Nick Domanskie played but was nursing an injury from Shik. A senior starter was dismissed in the preseason. Tyler Dirienzo has not suited up all season. With the injuries and if he was healthy, he may have seen some time on defense.
Give the game ball to the offensive and defense lines who set the tone in the first half and never quit in the second half.
Did you notice?
After heavy showers in the pregame, it didn't rain for four quarters.
I don't know if this change was made against Shik, but coach Todd Nye was down on the field and coach Ed Zack was in the box.
The longest pass completion for Shamokin was 53 yards on a half back option.
Going foward although the Indian's played great in the first half, they have Selinsgrove coming to town who were 28-3 winners over Berwick. Shamokin's offense didn't have an answer for the defensive adjustments made by the Ironmen at the half.
The last win over a team not named Shikellamy was Jersey Shore in 2006.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heartbeat away from a finger on the button!!!

"I could see Russia from my house."

Watch CBS Videos Online

Dave Zielinskie declines coaches interview

"Nothing to Say"

Normally at this time every week, I post the interview with the home coach of the game BILL95 will be broadcasting. This week's game is between the Danville Ironmen and Shamokin Area Indians. Dave Zielinskie declined to comment about this week's game so we will repect his wishes.

UPDATE: Coach Z. simply turned down the interview at practice. It wasn't a matter of not showing or not calling. I check out practice regardless. He didn't have a comment for week 5 and that was it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jim Roth interview for Week#4 against Loyalsock

Southern Area head coach Jim Roth offers up his thoughts of Loyalsock for Week #4.

James Moore: A Nation of Village Idiots

A description of the wall street mess and how Republicans have played a role in free markets for the last 25 years, including McCain's involvement in the original S and L scandal.

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I hope the fox doesn't make the new rules for the henhouse.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Less We Forget

No Smoking!!!!

The Clean Indoor Air Act goes into effect today. Could one say no smoking in Shamokin?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dave Zielinskie interview for game with Central Columbia

I had the opportunity to talk to Shamokin head coach Dave Zielinskie about this week's game Central Columbia. We both agreed that this was make or break game of the season for the Indians. Coming out of the gate at 0-2 with losses to Southern and Mount Carmel, this game will tell if Shamokin has a shot at .500 or better or will end up like the two previous seasons.

We were surprised last week when Central was leading Danville 35-15 about the time the Coal Bucket game was over. One paper had picked Danville to win 35-13. Central has had it's share of hard times recently.

With a win over Central, Shamokin will be favored against Shikellamy in Week 4. The Indians would be 2-2 after four weeks with some renewed hope and possibly some confidence. We will know a little more after Friday night.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shamokin vs. MCA Some Sights and Sounds

Student Tailgaters

Pregame conference

Nobody is taking my Coal Bucket!!!


Sign of the times

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shamokin vs. MCA Preview

They say most football teams make their biggest improvement from Week#1 to Week#2. For both teams some questions remain to be answered.


From Shamokin's standpoint, their running game and offense needs to get into gear. The Indians could not move the ball consistently against a good Southern defense last Saturday night. This wore out their defense when the fourth quarter came. After seeing Southern and MCA in Week#1, I would say their defense is better than Southern based on performance of the secondary.

From Mount Carmel's view, they offense struggled in the redzone getting turned away inside the 20 and the 10. Over the years, the Red Tornadoes have struggled with the heat. Mount Carmel loast 2001 to Pius on a opening Saturday after thunderstorms postponed the game on Friday. Last season the Red Tornadoes wilted in Boothwyne at Chichester. To Mount Carmel's defense, they did beat Wyomissing at Wyomissing in the 2000 opener in 90+ degrees and oppressive humidity.

This 2008 version of Mount Carmel is hungry and waiting to put 5 sub par years (by MCA standards) behind them.


Shamokin needs to score first and they need a score from their defense. In the fourth quarter, they need MCA to wilt under the heat. Test that MCA secondary.

Mount Carmel needs to just settle in and play football and not be distracted by early game electricity. Stay away from dumb mistakes.

Mount Carmel is a veteran team on the rise. Shamokin's gun does not have enough bullets for the Red Tornadoes in 2008.

Mount Carmel 42, Shamokin 13.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shamokin Pep Rally

With Shamokin being a decided underdog against Mount Carmel on Friday, I found some old video of a Coal Township pep rally.

Doe Sarah Palin have anything on Dick Cheney?

For the record, I am PA licensed hunter, but this is a over-the-top. Could Palin shoot a good friend from 30 yards?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Joe Gubernot Sr. heading to Baseball Hall of Fame

Joe Gubernot Sr. from 1943

On Monday, September 8th, Joe Gubernot Sr. accompanied by his son and family will make the trip to Coopertown, NY to tell his story of playing for the Plymouth Yankees and winning the European Theater of Operations World Series in 1943.

This is part of Gary Bedingfield's Baseball in Wartime.

Gubernot had a chance to go to spring training with the Williamsport Grays in 1946. In 1946, they were a AA franchise of the Detroit Tigers.

The coal region forgets that at one time the area was a baseball hotbed. NFL football and NBA basketball were still a decade away from the spotlight. Before television, most major league players would barnstorm the country in the early fall and down south in the winter.

Born in 1920, Gubernot would have 26 years old trying to make the Grays. In talking to others about the minor leagues in that era, sacrifice was the big key and the money wasn't there. One can sit for hours listening to Gubernot recall some of the greats that he played against in the throughout his playing days.

Gubernot Sr. has a story to tell and it may have taken a lifetime, but Cooperstown will be listening.

Sarah Palin plus some journalism from CBS

It's funny how the RNC has turned into Sara Palin TV.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend High School Wrap

Discussing Lock Haven Homecoming?

Well, if you look at my Friday analysis of the Southern-Shamokin game, I predicted a two score win for Southern but not as high. I didn't count on the humidity. Both team sputtered around for three quarters and Southern came through with a big fourth quarter for the win.

Southern - The Good

Like a good old Southern team when you looked after the final whistle, the offensive put up 400 yards on the ground and 35 points on the board. Defensive front seven looked as tough as in previous years and the freshman Schetroma did a nice job on the defensive front. Kicking game was outstanding.

The Bad

Passing game needs to improve to move past week 11. Campbell made some nice throws, but pass protection was subpar. Receivers need some experience, but may have held up here with a game next week at Montoursville.

Shamokin - The Good

Defensively, the Indians were one score down with a full quarter to go. Last season, Shamokin went there first five games without forcing a turnover. On Saturday night they forced 4 and were +3 in TO ratio.

The Bad

Running game was non-existant. It is always the quarterback's best friend. The defense could have used a friend also. The scheme in general had the quarterback and fullback in a spread formation and Southern playing man. Passes were designed to go deep and the running were too slow developing usually with 7 defenders in the box.

The Ugly

Shamokin had a defensive back ejected. Counting the one that was removed in the preseason, Coach Z's son, and possibly Dirienzo could have helped if healthy. Your down 4 players headed into week number with Mount Carmel and Polish Attack (Wasilewski, Pellowski, and Kovaleski) coming to town.