Friday, September 5, 2008

Shamokin vs. MCA Preview

They say most football teams make their biggest improvement from Week#1 to Week#2. For both teams some questions remain to be answered.


From Shamokin's standpoint, their running game and offense needs to get into gear. The Indians could not move the ball consistently against a good Southern defense last Saturday night. This wore out their defense when the fourth quarter came. After seeing Southern and MCA in Week#1, I would say their defense is better than Southern based on performance of the secondary.

From Mount Carmel's view, they offense struggled in the redzone getting turned away inside the 20 and the 10. Over the years, the Red Tornadoes have struggled with the heat. Mount Carmel loast 2001 to Pius on a opening Saturday after thunderstorms postponed the game on Friday. Last season the Red Tornadoes wilted in Boothwyne at Chichester. To Mount Carmel's defense, they did beat Wyomissing at Wyomissing in the 2000 opener in 90+ degrees and oppressive humidity.

This 2008 version of Mount Carmel is hungry and waiting to put 5 sub par years (by MCA standards) behind them.


Shamokin needs to score first and they need a score from their defense. In the fourth quarter, they need MCA to wilt under the heat. Test that MCA secondary.

Mount Carmel needs to just settle in and play football and not be distracted by early game electricity. Stay away from dumb mistakes.

Mount Carmel is a veteran team on the rise. Shamokin's gun does not have enough bullets for the Red Tornadoes in 2008.

Mount Carmel 42, Shamokin 13.

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