Monday, October 18, 2010

Mount Carmel Shut Out Again

Although it doesn't happen often, but it is news when Mount Carmel gets shut out in a football season.  It is big news when the Red Tornadoes get shut out twice in the same season.

Checking back over the history book at Mount Carmel, the last time two shut outs occurred was back in 2006 when the Red Tornadoes were blanked 54-0 to Southern and 8-0 to Shikellamy. The '87 team was shut out twice by North Schuylkill and Williamsport.  1985 was the least productive with the Big Red being shut out five times in an 11-game season.  Tamaqua, Pittston, Shamokin, Berwick and Pottsville pitched them.  The Pittston, Shamokin and Berwick games were part of a three game stretch where Mount Carmel were outscored 64-0.  Finally, you have to travel back to the 1971, 1960 and 1951 when two regular season shut outs have occurred.

No one wants to be shut out, only happening six times over 50 years is quite impressive.

The Heartland Fab Five remains unchanged.  Even with losses by Southern and Mount Carmel, they will stay put for now.

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