Monday, October 4, 2010

Lewsiburg on top of the Fab Five

The Lewisburg Green Dragons ascended into the number one spot in the Heartland Conference Fab Five poll.  Lewisburg defeated Southern Columbia on Friday 28-21 to remain unbeaten at 5-0. Lewisburg has not defeated Southern Columbia and Mount Carmel on the road this season.

In the state championship era, looking through some records, I believe the 2000 Selinsgrove Seals were able to defeat both Southern and Mount Carmel in the same season.  The seals win against Southern did come at home. 

Danville moves up to the #2 spot while Southern drops to #3.  All of this will take care of itself on the field as Southern host Bloomsburg this week and will take on Danville later in the season.  The District IV 'AA" playoffs will sort out the rest.

Dave Shinskie and the BC Eagles

A little over a week ago, I was looking foward to seeing Dave Shinskie play against Notre Dame at home. Hell, I was considering taking the trip to Chestnut Hill or Syracuse later in the year.  Now a few days later, I have to wonder if Shinskie has taken his last snap at BC.

The Bleacher Report wrote this after the VA Tech game.

While the Globe has BC's season looking bleak.

On Saturday, the best place for Shinskie was on the sideline.  The offensive line was as bad as the Philadelphia Eagles and the play calling was a joke.  Anyone notice how much the Irish respected the BC quarterbacks when BC ran the spread?  Coming into the game, ND was 97th against the rush. With scheme insterted BC managed to net 5 yards and Montel Harris had 28 yards on the ground.

Chase Rettig wasn't all that impressive at the start. His TD pass came when an ND defender went for a junior move.

Right now, Rettig is wearing a boot, Marscovetra was ineffective and Shinskie waits and watches.

A veteran offensive line is playing bad, there are no go receivers, and coaches are throwing darts at questions hoping for answers.

Shinskie answers questions after VA Tech.  Strange irony my friend from Villanova, Trags posted the video

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