Monday, September 20, 2010

Heartland Fab Five

In the 4 years this blog has been on the map, I have never compiled a high school poll of any kind. Just for fun, I decided to start the Heartland Conferance Fab 5.  I compiled the poll based on what I have seen and or heard from other reporters and fans. Southern is ranked number one, followed by Lewisburg, Danville, Bloomsburg, and Mount Carmel.

This isn't the Southern Columbia team that you would see roll up over 400 yards on the ground and throw a few token passes.  This Southern team is pretty diverse.  This past Friday, the Tigers didn't have a back over 60 yards but managed 43 points and the game was never in doubt.  Defensively, the Tigers are improving weekly.  After allowing a 47-yard run to Jared Montgomery, the Indian running back was held to 6 more yards the rest of the half when the game mattered.

Lewisburg is my number two team in the conference.  Why?  When Mount Carmel fans admit they were dominated on both sides of the ball take that as the ultimate form of kudos. The Green Dragons will face Southern in 2 weeks.

Danville comes in a team number 3.  Why aren't the Ironmen any higher?  Right now I will chalk this up on schedule.  Danville opened with Shikellamy.  In speaking to Shik fans, the Braves gave up 21, 26, and 38 points and have a hard time stopping anyone.  Selinsgrove's line was dominated by Mount Carmel in Week 1 and Central may be the bottom at the bottom of the conference looking up.  Should contend with Lewisburg for the AA title in District 4.

Bloomsburg comes in at number 4.  Bloom likes to play physical even if they don't have the horsese to do it.  Quarterback Blake Rankin could be the best in the conference.  The Panthers face a test against Southern in 3 weeks.

Mount Carmel rounds our the Fab Five at number 5.  Mount Carmel has a 3-game stretch again Loyalsock, Montoursville and Central Columbia.  Week 7 begins a finish against North Schuylkill, Shik, Southern, and Shamokin.  Keep the ice on hand.  Handing the Seals their first loss at home since 2004 counts for something.

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