Monday, November 24, 2008

Coal Region Voice Makes Sound-Off!

Well it has taken a long time, almost 20 years to be exact, but I have made Sound-Off. In lieu of writing a letter to the editor, people could call and leave comments anonymously to the News-Item.

Lunch box, press box?

With regard to Ed Washuta’s letter to the editor about food in the press
box, I have a question: Does he not get paid for his duties? When I worked
construction, I took a lunch box and thermos with me or we purchased food from a
neighboring restaurant. In any case, we provided our own food. I think he should
do the same.

Get a hoagie

I was just reading Ed Washuta’s letter to the editor about the press box
being catered. Doesn’t he know that on the way to the stadium, Mac’s is right on
Arch Street? He can stop there and get a hoagie instead of depending on the
school district to feed him.

Here is my letter to the editor

To the editor: As a resident of the Shamokin Area School District and member of the electronic media, I would like to thank the athletic department and school administration for providing food and refreshments for the press box this past football season.

On any typical game day, I arrive at Kemp Memorial, unload and set up radio equipment and try to interview the visiting coach before he goes into the team pregame routine. Having refreshments in the box gives me the opportunity to get these things done. Once I am “on the air” at 6:40, I am not off air until 10 minutes after the game, whenever that may be. Time spent at the stadium is usually from 4:30 until 10 p.m. It is worse for the print media who, after the game, must conduct interviews and file a story before their deadlines.

This season, a Heartland Conference member did deny access to the press box to the school television station and myself. This is our chance to be noted for “good will” rather than bomb scares.

With articles in your paper on Nov.12 and letter to the editor on Nov. 14 from a school director, I feel, as a taxpayer, time could be better spent trying to solve the lack of student space in the district.

Trying to draw a link between students not having enough to eat during the day and providing food to the press box after the school week is over is very weak at best.

Edward Washuta

I'm glad that readers are concerned that I may getting something for free. Mac's would be great, but I avoid Arch Street on game night. Stopping means being delayed once again getting to field. I did mention I set up equipment. The closest I could park is near the visitor's lockeroom. Two trips from the car to the box with setup and checks and all of a sudden the visitor's are ready for pregame.

I'm sure if I worked construction, I would patronize the neighboring restaurant. I would also pack a lunch and a thermos. Being that major construction has not on in Shamokin since the new wing at SACH and SCI-Coal Township, I would be looking at 16 hour day with work and travel.

My problem lies with logistics. Once I go "on the air", I don't leave the box for 4 hours. Try talking for fours straight without drinking something.

More Support for Coach Zielinskie

A few people have written letters in support of Coach Z. Read this one from a Shamokin grad and this one from parents of a current Shamokin player. As a parent, if you have faith in the coach that is where the support should be measured.

Here is something from his college roommate. A guy named Jim from Florida comments:

I was Coach Z's room-mate at Lock Haven (At that time State College) from 1977-80. Z played a lot, I practiced a lot. He actually was responsible for winning a couple of games with key interceptions and tackles from his Safety spot. I live in Tallahassee Florida now. I'm not sure what happened to high school football in the past 25 years, but things are getting a bit insane. Where I live, there is a school called North Florida Christian. One of their players actually went on to Florida State, and then the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's, as a pretty decent QB. His name is Casey Weldon. He was hired as Head Football Coach at his alma mater a couple of years ago, in three seasons he was fired. His record? 25-3. Hang in there Zeebo!!!!!!
November 20, 2008 8:39 AM

Running up the score?

I was a little surprised on Friday with Riverside choosing to air it out against Southern leading 18-7 and under 3 minutes left in the game. Up until the Southern game, that was the first time I seen Riverside play so I will hold my judgement. I do question Harry Armstrong sending in Joe Klebon to kick the extra point. Why risk injury to a money player???

Dan Burda writes
about it in the News-Item.

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