Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008!!!!

The calendar year 2008 come to an end tonight as we usher in 2009. In the last century plus 8 years, 2008 is being compared to 1931 and 1968 politically and financially. It is very hard to say what 2009 will bring, but for the most part we will have a new government take office on January 20th.

If our nation's standing on a world stage was damaged for the past 8 years, we will have the peaceful change of government at noon on January 20th.

I don't know if it was of bad timing, but I have said goodbye to so many friends and family over the course of 2008. I doubt if I could repeat the same in 2009.

If you remember back in 1968, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, war raged in Vietnam, and racial strife was on the front burner. In December of 1968, three men orbited the moon in Apollo 8. Surprisingly, as all kind of hard rock filled the air, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge had the number one song in the country, "The Worse That Could Happen" the last week of December 1968. Enjoy the video above.

2009 shows promise.

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