Wednesday, March 18, 2009

District IV with a chance??

Tonight District IV will send two teams to the Eastern Finals with a chance to make it to Happy Valley. In basketball, the district has had much to cheer about in basketball. The last District IV team to bring home the gold was Williamsport 10 years ago in 1999.

Some near misses include Loyalsock boys and Montoursville with Kelly Mazzante so history isn't on District IV's side. It would be nice to see a team make it without the name prep or charter. One of the great attractions of high school sports is to see the community come together to support their high school athletes.

Last week while attending the Shamokin-Archbishop Carrol game at Parkland that element was missing from Carrol and earlier in the evening with Girard College. One side says you want to play the best while the other says even out the playing field.

The PIAA doesn't have the resources. All I can do is wish Benton and Hughesville the best of luck tonight.

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