Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bye, Bye Pontiac!!!

With the restructuring of GM, Pontiac Motors seems to on the chopping block and making a curtain call. Some of the cars rolled out in the last 45 years include the GTO, Trans AM, Grand AM and Grand Prix.

John Z. DeLorean was part of the Pontiac Division at one time and went to establish DeLorean Motor Cars. The car was made famous in Back to the Future movies.

I owned an '88 and '93 Grand Am. I bought the 88 used and the 93 brand new. Both had almost identical alternator problems. The tranny in the '88 went out at 120,000 miles. In the '93 the air conditioning went out at 35,000. The electrial system broke down at 80,000. I sold it to buy an Intrepid.

Cars that I owned in the last 20 years are looking to become extinct. My college car was an AMC Spirit. American Motors gone!!! Two Pontiac's and they are going, going gone. I still have an Intrepid in the driveway. Chrysler is hanging on by a thread.

The least amount of headache is a the family Subaru Forrester. The common denominator of problems to me with US cars happen around 75,000 miles. Most of mine have been air and electrical with the Greand Am's and Chrysler Product. Is anyone listening????????

You might here some nostalgic airplay of this song in the upcoming months.

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