Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama's First 100 Days

Today marks the 100th day of the Obama Administration. While comparisons are being made around the country by various media outlets, I have read one local and one national blogger regarding the new president and his leadership.

Good friend, Greg Maresca, opines weekly in his column Talking Points published in the News-Item. Here is Maresca's article published on April 26th.

A brief snip reads:

At their recent conference, Hugo Chavez and Nicaragua’s Marxist President Daniel Ortega condemned the United States, then Chavez handed Obama Chavez’s leftist tirade of a book and all our president could muster was, “It was a nice gesture to give me a book. I’m a reader.” At least he didn’t bow like he did with the Saudis.
Those pictures above are not edited. They are from the AP. Here is Bob Cesca's Blog on the "Chop Square" photo's seen above.

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich puts reality into focus with little cheerleading.

What does all this mean for the good old Central Susquehanna Valley? On the ground here, jobs loss started to hemorrhage a few years ago with the closing of Paper Magic and most recently Fleetwood. Just across the river, Pennsylvania House shut it's doors just to name one. Several home builders closed.

The sign around will be more clear about this time next year when most unemployment benefits will expire and bills have to be payed.

I don't envy the Obama adminstration. With a little over a month before the election, the world banking crisis nearly took the whole system down. Most of the banks disclosures came between election and inauguration. Now you add the problems for the US automakers and Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, any given day could be a problem.

Who do you want answering the phone?

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