Monday, May 18, 2009

Primary Day is on Tuesday

With a building project in the future and the hiring and firing of coaches and an athletic director fresh in voters minds, Shamokin Area has four seats up for grabs with 11 candidates in the field.

Here is their debate.

Amazing Race

This Saturday, the Shamokin Art Festival with help of Amzing Race contestant Peach Krebs will sponsor a version of the Amazing Race. Recently, Krebs has been angered about comments that she is using this venue to promote her own self-gain. In this letter to the editor, Krebs had announced this year will be the last year of the event.

In a follow up letter, Lonie Feudale Kieffer offers nothing but praise for Mrs. Krebs.

People of the community, the is what the race is all about. Although I have witnessed the event in Shamokin, I hope Peach sits down and reconsiders her decision to shut down the Amazing Race.

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