Thursday, June 4, 2009

Contradictions in Northumberland County?

In the June 2nd edition of the Daily-Item, questions were raised if the county could afford a full-time budget director.

In the June 3rd edition of the News-Item, non-union employees of the county were given a 2 percent raise.

All the while the county is staring down an 800K budget gap.

What is the prudent thing to do???

End of an Era

When the final bell rings today at Transfiguration Ukrainian Catholic Elementary School in Shamokin, it will mark the closing of the last single parish supported school in Shamokin City and lower Northumberland County.

Shamokin City once had St. Edward, St. Stan's and St. Mary's and Transfiguration. Coal Township had St. Joseph's and St. Stephen's and St. Anthony's located in Ranshaw. They are now all gone. Transfiguration will maintain a pre-K and kindergarten.

Remembering 1984

Since I am celebrating my 25-year high school reunion in a few weeks, I like to point out the way some things were in 1984. June 4th marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Bruce Springsteen's iconic album Born in the USA. Seven singles from album made the top 10. The album was also the first CD manufactured in the US for commercial sale. CD's were imported from Japan at the time.

Although never released as a single, my favorite song of the album is No Surrender.

Here is a clip from the title cut:

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