Thursday, June 18, 2009

Through the rain, a busy weekend planned

For all the rain we have been having lately in the Keystone State, there is quite a bit to do this weekend.

Starting on Friday, I will be attending my sixth Relay for Life as a cancer survivor. Seven years ago, it wasn't on my radar screen. Here is brief history of how the Relay's got started.

On Saturday, hopefully summer gets underway a day early. I will be in Camden, NJ attending my annual Parrothead Jimmy Buffett concert......."Fins Up"!!!!

Sunday, hopefully if I am still standing, I will make an appearance the 14th annual Mother Cabrini picnic which is a direct decedent of the St. Stan's Father's Day Polish Picnic. Nothing could beat the picnic held in Springfield up in the "Polish Poconos."

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