Friday, September 4, 2009

Shamokin Area vs Southern Area 2009

In conversation with coach Jim Roth the other day, we were trying to think of when Southern was really hit by graduation in one area so much. The answer we came up with was never.

On offense, the Tigers lost their whole backfield. On defense, they lost their back seven including all four linebackers. In years past, the Tigers had enough athletes to move a safety up, inside to outside and outside to inside. This year, Southern has no such option. It will be learn on the fly. Owens-Wright of Danville exploited this last week in a scrimmage. Now the question is can the Shamokin Indians.

The one thing about this game is consistency. Southern has it and Shamokin will trot out their third head coach in four seasons. Both teams could be good teams in October. Shamokin has to learn how to run the ball again and learn how to win again. Does it start in 2009?

I see this going Southern's way adding a late score for a 21-6 win.

MCA at Selinsgrove

I haven't seen either in 2009, but know the Seals have the firepower. The 2009 starters for MCA that were reserves due to huge senior class would have started at many schools. Under Mike Brennan, junior varsity players made great strides in the off season. Just ask Southern coach Jim Roth.

Knowing Bob Chesney(played for him in '83), he is not showing up to be fed to the lions. Coaches over the years fear this because he can will a team to win. Other than his only year at Shamokin. He has done well in other first-year stints at Lourdes (9-1 in 1983 who also beat the Seals) and North Schuylkill (10-2 in 1999 with a win over AA runner-up Mount Carmel) This one maybe closer than many expect.

Selinsgrove is phenomenal at home on turf. Like MCA last year, the Seals started prep for this game the week after they were eliminated in Hershey.
I see this a little closer than most, Selinsgrove 28 MCA 14.

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