Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mount Carmel Makes a Tough Choice

This past Friday, Mount Carmel Area played without their star senior running back for the Eastern Conference Championship. Whether you like the head coach or not, a decision was made regarding the violation of team rules.

I am on record to say that I don't know the nuts and bolts of the incident. I do know a star player was not in uniform, but wasn't a problem to the coaching staff all season.

To the underclassmen returning next year, take a look around you. If you see that 70 year old man up in the stands, he probably got away with some thing back in 1959. Keep in mind back in 1959 there wasn't the following:

Cell phones

Cable TV was in it's infancy and cars were a luxury and usually there was only one in the family. The days of something getting swept under the rug are pretty much over. There are just too many grey areas and the laws are much more strict for the people in the know as well as the violaters.

Do yourself a favor, after a big win or tough loss grab a bite to eat with your friends and family and head home to bed.

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