Friday, January 22, 2010

Blowing in the Wind Part 2

As reported in today's edition of the Daily-Item, two different administrations were advised against renewing the lease with Pennwind.

The big concern to taxpayers would be how long Pennwind or any affiliation with Pennwind could control county(public) land without developing it. Also, it was learned Pennwind is marketing it's interest in the lease to an outside company from California.

Commissioner Kurt Masser received $1200 in campaign contributions from three Pennwind representatives in the 2007 election.

Whatever the shortcomings of the current deal, this is still a worthwhile project to pursue. After an initial start up cost of environmental and site studies plus the cost of the farm itself, the wind will be a constant source of energy and power generation.

Beginning on January 1st, rate caps have been removed on electricity generation. Both parties stand to benefit from rising electricity rates in the future.

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