Friday, March 19, 2010


The Healthcare Bill will probably come up for a historic vote on Sunday. There have been groups spending a million dollars a day in trying to block it. To the crowd of starting over, please look at 1993. That was the last time healthcare reform was discussed.

Where is your premium, coverage or insurance now?


March Madness got off in full swing yesterday and my #2 seeded Villanova Wildcats got off the hook. When they looked like Abe Vagoda in the Godfather, Michael Corleone let them "off the hook."

The Wildcats continue to be plagued by poor shooting from the floor. Personal fouls have improved. We will see what they do against St. Mary's.

The great thing about March Madness in PA is the silence that will continue from Happy Valley until August.


This weekend will be great to hear the Michael O'Brian Band at Spyglassridge Winery at 2 pm this Saturday.
Next Friday is a blogger meet up in Pittston.

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