Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The More Things Change ...........................

You know how the old adage goes. The more they stay the same. In weeks leading up to the primary election, you thought more change would be on the way. Once again, big money interest won in the case Tom Marino PA-1oth and Dan Onorato (D) for PA Govenor. Paul Kanjorski D-11th won rather easily and surprisingly.

Locally, George Zalar D-108th nominee and top money raiser won rather easily in a crowded race. He will face Kurt Masser (R) who won the Republican nomination.

In what was an amazing month, Congressman Joe Sestak came back from 20 points down just a few weeks ago to oust 30 year incumbent Arlen Specter. Sestak for the most part did not start spending big money until May 1st.

Specter did not lose because of a "throw the bum out" chant. He lost because of three things. The Swift-Boat Ad against Sestak. Two brilliant ads by the Sestak campaign linking him to George Bush and being self-serving. Finally, his switch to the Democratic Party was never embraced by party faithful.

The lesson to be learned as in the case of Scott Brown of Massachusetts, no lead is insurmountable. Everyone should keep this in mind come November.

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