Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to Find Christy's Killer

In today's News-Item, the story of Christy Mirack's unsolved murder from December 21st, 1992 was featured. Christy was a 1985 graduate of Lourdes Regional High School who went on to graduate from Millersville University and went on to teach in Lancaster County.

It is tough for any parent to lose a child. It is hell on earth for them to lose a loved one by the hand of another.

Christy was not in my circle of friends at the hallowed halls on Clinton Avenue in Coal Township, but she would always say hello. Like anyone going to a small high school, everyone knew each other. In one of my last conversations with her at a local spot for young 20-somethings back in the 90's she told me how excited she was being an elementary teacher.

Unfortunately, the hand that extinguished that bright smile has gone free for 17 years and counting.

Check out the website created to track down her killer:


Christy's Facebook

Here is the phone number for the East Lampeter Township Police:


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