Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fate Not Kind To Shamokin Indians

Back in August, if you would have told me Shamokin would be playing in Week 11 with a chance for a playoff win I would have done a double take.  Sure, with a four team playoff for 6 "AAA" teams in your district, I would have said yes.  The Indians would limp to 4th place finish and get dusted off early in the first round.  Predictions were that Selinsgrove and Shikellamy would be on the top of the heap, followed by whoever.

Since 2004, the Shamokin Indians had a combination of athletes that never realized their potential in an 11-man team sport.

Last night the seniors and the rest of the Indian football team had to replay a house of horrors that they experienced just two weeks earlier over Halloween weekend.  It was hard to describe to people two weeks ago how a team could lose 44-0 and not be pushed around.  Usually, the two will go hand-in-hand.

Last night, Shamokin Area not only proved that the game two weeks was an aberration, but Shamokin also came to play and came to win.  Shamokin dominated offensively and defensively.  You can certainly talk about the tying Shikellamy touchdown and whether there was possession or not.  The Braves scored on first down, there still would have been 3 downs to defend.

Parents and fans, look at the big picture.  Shamokin put in a new offense.  The new offense produced a legitimate 1000-yard rusher.  Penalties were cut down big time.  The Indians were competitive in the playoffs.   Many freshman seen time on the varsity.  To practice with the varsity will produce dividends.  Trust me on this one.

If the worse thing that happens in life is to lose an overtime football game on the road at a place you were beaten 44-0 just two weeks earlier, the Shamokin Indians are well ahead of the game. Hats off to seniors and the coaches. 

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