Friday, November 5, 2010

Football in Northumberland County Park

Last night Northumberland County and the DCNR of PA decided to play their own little game of football last night. DCNR presented a 400K check to Northumberland County for the proposed Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.

According to accounts in the Daily-Item and News-Item, further funding may need to be "creative."  DCNR punted the ball to Northumberland County.  Newly elected 107th state rep, Kurt Masser punted:

County Commissioner Kurt Masser is a proponent of the park and views it as providing a potential economic boost to the region, but said the decision on how to proceed will be up to Clausi and board Chairman Frank Sawicki because he's resigning this month to take a seat in the state 107th Legislative District
Northumberland County officials Vinny Clausi and Frank Sawicki decided to defer action until more money is available for the project. 

The project by some estimates could bring in 30000 visitors and generate revenue of 3 million dollars.

In a strange irony, Masser may have to step up to the plate early in his term on this one.  Masser who last week campaigned with Tom Corbett at the Southern-Mount Carmel football game is on record to reduce spending and cut taxes. 

The reduction in spending not yet named by Corbett, could cause future holes in local government budgets including counties, municipalities and school districts.

The first order of business for county may be looking for sponsor to name the park as one source.  For the record, I am for the project but the county is wise to table the project until funding arrives.

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