Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pottsville Loses a Giant

Irvin D. Schappell passed away on Wednesday in his home.  For most Little League and District 24 fans Irv was the manager of the 1997 Railway Park Little League team that made their way to the big stage in South Williamsport.  In 1997, only four team made the Little League World Series.

For his many years of service, Schappell could have walked away from the game.  13 years later he was still a fixture at Railway.

Many towns across the United States have an Irv Schappell.  Men like Schappell are hard to come by in youth sports.  In today's world, many parents and coaches look out for their own well being at the expense of the rest.  They have hard time seeing the big picture.  Their own influence on the lives of children under 12.

The men like Schappell do what they do because they love to do it.  In 1997, glory found Irv.  God bless the Schappell family. He will never be replaced, but he will always be remembered.

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