Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Festivus!!!!

December 23rd marks the celebration of Festivus. Author Daniel O'Keefe invented Festivus and it was brought to popular culture by his son Daniel, who was a writer for the Seinfeld TV show in the episode called the The Stike.

Although the original Festivus took place in February 1966, as a celebration of the elder O'Keefe's first date with his future wife, Deborah,  it is now celebrated on December 23.  The strange irony is that I was born in February of 1966.  There must have been a month of celebrations.

Common practices to the holiday include the airing of grievances and the feats of strength.   The head of the household usually challenges someone to a wrestling match in the feats of strength.

In the Polish-Ukrainian culture, airing of the grievance is usually made made about a family member not in attendance who dissed the Christmas celebration.  Feats of strength were usually celebrated as an endurance contest of drinking F & S or Old Reading Beer, along with few select whiskeys and gorging yourself in a colossal ham sandwich or two.

As for today, let's have a Festivus for the rest of us.

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