Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lewisburg, A Revisit to 1996.

The Lewisburg Green Dragon football team will battle West Catholic at 1 pm this afternoon at Hersheypark Stadium.  Many thought the Green Dragons season will be over after week 13, but it is now week 15 and Lewisburg will still be taking the field.

Although the history of Lewisburg and Mount Carmel's football programs could not be any different, the Green Dragons are playing in a similar type game in the eastern final like Mount Carmel did in 1996.  Most of the state did not give Mount Carmel a chance in 1996, nor or they giving Lewisburg a chance today.

The 1996 matchup featured the PIAA's defending "AA" champs in Bishop McDevitt (they will be making their first appearance in the final next Friday since 1995) against the 1994 PIAA champion Mount Carmel at Kemp Memorial Stadium.  When the dust settled, Mount Carmel was headed to Altoona with a 18-7 over the Crusaders.

A few plays from that game still standout today.  Mount Carmel had a first down near midfield.  The Red Tornadoes lined up Brett Veach in the slot and ran him on an out and up.  Mount Carmel quarterback Vic Kornaski hit Veach in stride to give the Big Red and early lead.  It was the first time Mount Carmel ran the play all season and it was week 14.

Kornaski added a quarterback sneak for a touchdown, the Joe Costello came up with a goal-line stop on 4th down in the second half and Matt Montgomery had a big interception for the defense.

What does all this have to with Lewisburg.

Like in 1996, Lewisburg faces a tough private school from an urban area.  West Catholic like McDevitt is a quad-A team in AA clothing. Both teams had speed.  Lewisburg like that MCA team from 1996, has many players that could step up at any given time.  Mount Carmel was led by Veach and Costello, but there was a great supporting cast with Vic Kornaski, Dave Evans, the Sinkovich brothers and Jason Malakoski to name a few.

The Green Dragons feature Merle Moscarello and Nate Browm, but there is a great supporting cast like Robby Gaines, Ryan Lopes, Nick Kiflio, Cam Cassels, Jared Laino and Nick Cozza.  Anyone of the cast could make a big play at any time.  This team is built for a four quarters of smash mouth and not to win the game in the first quarter but wear you down after 4.

Lewisburg also adds a new wrinkle to their offense each week, while making adjustments to their defense scheme.  Last week, the Green Dragons hit a "hook and ladder" play for the first time all season.

This afternoon the big adjustment will be to the speed of West Catholic.  This can be neutralized by hard and clean hits early in the game and each man winning their individual assignments.

Don't get caught in the talk about recruiting and things of the nature.  Harold Raker points out from his column on Friday, that the PIAA is worried about a legal challenge which translates into litigation and money before it worries about fairness in the system.

West Catholic should be a heavy favorite today.  However, take Lewisburg lightly at your own peril.

College Football

As we move ever closer to prolonged agony and the college bowl season,  I have to get a couple things off my mind.  Urban Meyer stepped down from Florida citing family reasons.  Now NFL forums are lighting up like Christmas trees that he will be reunited with Tim Tebow at Denver.  When someone says their leaving to spend more time with their family, they are not leaving to spend time with their family.

When someone say a win in a bowl game could spur a team on to better things the next season, don't count on it.  Since 1989, Penn State had gone 12-5 in 17 bowl appearances. This translated into 3 top 10 final rankings.

Charlie Weis of Notre Dame broke a 9-game bowl losing streak for the Irish last season, but was shown the gate. 

Dave Wannstedt led Pitt to 10-3 record last year and a bowl win over North Carolina.  Wannstedt like Felix Unger was asked to leave.

Do you realize that there are still 3 divisions of college football teams still competing in playoffs?  Do you realize that after playing 12 or 13 game seasons, we need a computer to decide who are the best two teams in the country?

Do yourself a favor.  In the early afternoon when your channel surfing (maybe eating Cheetos) and stumble upon the Outhouse Bowl, tune in the Winter Classic from Heinz Field.  The will be dropping a puck outside!!!!  

Anything put in a bowl that is mediocre ought to be flushed not rewarded.

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I really love to watch Lewisburg team play and win! thanks for the history!

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