Monday, December 27, 2010

Shell Game Continues Northumberland County

Northumberland County commissioners plan to adopt a $69.4 million dollar budget with no tax increase at their meeting today. Commissioner Vinni Clausi calls the budget "phony" and plans to vote note.

Once again Clausi doesn't hesitate to throw a commissioner under the bus, hop in, and run over him:

Clausi added, "In my opinion, Mr. Sawicki doesn't care about the taxpayers because next year is an election year for the commissioners and he doesn't want to offend anyone by making cuts. He's agreed to give more money to the unions, while I've fought against union raises. I promise the people of Northumberland County that we will face a $3 million deficit in 2012 because Mr. Sawicki won't sacrifice and do what's right this year."

This big stat caught my eye.  80k has been budgeted for attorney fees.  Last year is was great to be a member of the bar and work for Northumberland County.  In 2010, attorneys netted over 500K.  There is an ongoing case against two fired sheriff's deputies in 2011.

In other news, rumor on the street according to the Daily-Item print edition is that Gene Welsh of Coal Township and current commissioner of Coal is pondering a run at a county commissioner opening. Welsh has until April 18th to get on a primary ballot.  An interesting Democratic would pit Welsh, Clausi and Frank Sawicki on one ticket. Welsh also serves on an advisory board to bring the Northumberland County OHV Park to fruition. Welsh does have a past business relationship with Clausi.

Let the fireworks begin.

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