Friday, December 17, 2010

The Wrap on the 2010 High School Football Season

Yes, we are not in Hershey yet, but here is my wrap of the local high school football season.  First of all, congratulations to the Lewisburg Green Dragons.  Although they didn't make it to the finals, they capped off their best record in school history with a 14-1 record. I had them on top of my Heartland Fab Five poll from wire-to-wire.  Only a few years ago, winning a game was a big prize. 

Coach Tilford, I hope, receives Coach of the Year honors.  I do not get a vote.

Also, shout outs to (and not in any order) Shikellamy, Selinsgrove, Shamokin, Mount Carmel, Southern Area and Bloomsburg.  A guts award goes out to Lourdes Regional who battled numbers problems all year.

From the things to get off my chest file

Every championship brings up the debate of private vs. public schools in the PIAA playoffs from football to basketball to even cross country.  The Daily-Item offered this editorial about school choice.  School choice should always come from academics and have nothing to do with athletics. 

In the case of my local area school districts, Shikellamy, Mount Carmel, Line Mountain, Shamokin, and Southern Area (note: I live within 15 minutes of any one of these borders), what would the dramatic shift of students from one school to another year after year.  Budget-wise, how can you plan


The last high school football game in PA will end on December 18th.  Most winter sports seasons will be twenty percent finished!!!  This little ditty from Rod Frisco caught my eye.  The PIAA wants to start the high school football season on August 6th in 2012.  The 16 game season is just too long.  The season should be backed to 14 games max with 2 more classes added.

So someone who want to play football and maintain a summer job will miss out on most of August.  Would he be shun by employers.  Tack some snow days on the front end of summer and now your looking at a one-month earning season.


If the PIAA and local districts had to market themselves they would starve to death.  The issue first reared it's ugly head with the Danville-Lewisburg game a few weeks ago.  I would guess 1000 casual fans were scared away by the lack of seats and bathrooms for the games.  That is $6000 in ticket sales. 

First, a move with guts to move championship games to Saturday.  A and AAA could be played as a double header at Bucknell, Selinsgrove, and or Shamokin.  AA could be the following Saturday.  Northern Tier, when you start winning playoff games and could host more than 1000 fans, you will be considered.

Why does a number one seed in basketball have to play at a neutral site in District IV???

Going forward, the PIAA has a problem.  Whether private schools win or not, they often go deep into the playoffs.  I was at the Lewisburg-West Catholic game.  The Burrs had about 250 people on their side.  According to the Daily-Item, stated attendance was 1400+.  Visually, attendance on the Lewisburg side alone looked to be over 2500 if not more? 

Unless the PIAA is making more money on TV and corporate sponsorship, fans are not going to the games in December.  For Pennsylvania football, that is shame. 

If you happen to be heading to the games and not worried about winter weather and freezing, here are my picks:

Clairton over Riverside
South Fayette over West Catholic
ACC over McDevitt
North Allegheney over Lasalle College.

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