Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boy, the Way Glenn Miller Played

It is hard to believe but Archie Bunker and All in the Family turn 40 !!!  The sitcom made it's debut on January 12th, 1971 and evolved into Archie Bunker's Place which ended in 1983.

My favorite episode has to be when Archie and Henry Jefferson went to battle with each other over who was moving into a vacant house.  Henry wanted a black family, while Archie wanted a white family. The make an "unholy" alliance when they find out a Puerto Rican couple is looking at the home.

To put numbers in perspective the show was told totally in satire to an audience of 20 million a week.  The show was ranked #1 in it's second season and held unto the position for 5 straight years.

My favorite recurring and supporting characters were Maude Finley played by the late Bea Arthur and George Jefferson played by Sherman Hemsley.

Many people who lived through the first run of the show say it would never be allowed on TV today.  I beg to differ......it was a classic.  It was ahead of it's time 40 years ago and no one has gained on it since.

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