Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFL Football Picks Today

I usually don't try to pick or handicap winners of NFL games.  Even though it is miserably cold in the Northeast, we can all be thankful the Cowboys are not playing today!!!!

Beginning with the Packers vs. Bears, I like the Packers and her is why.  Through the magically NFL playoff formula, the Pack were a 6th seed and needed a win on the final week.  What I like about the Pack is in two road playoff games, they have been pretty much imposing their will on the home team.  In the NFL, that is rarely done.  For the most part, Aaron Rodgers has not broken a sweat in this year's playoff run.  

The pick:  Green Bay 24, Chicago 13

Pittsburgh and the New York Jets have more intriguing match up.  The Steelers played are horrible first half and managed to win last week.  Their defense won the game......and they were going against Joe Flacco.  Usually at this time of the year, the Jets are saying wait until next year.  The Jets went into Indy and New England and took out two of the best QB's in the game.   In the game within the game, the Jets are better than Baltimore at coverage.  Only the 1976 Oakland Raiders beat the Steelers in the regular season and playoffs in winning the Super Bowl.  In the NFL, it is hard to pick two road dogs in the conference finals.

The Pick:  Steelers 20, New York 17.

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