Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vinni Clausi Goes Rogue in 2011

Once again Northumberland County Commissioner Vinni Clausi has decided to run for reelection and also with out a running mate in the May Democratic primary.

Vinni's friend and Coal Township commissioner Gene Welsh is pondering a run but has yet to formally announce his candidacy.  It will be interesting to see who would be the two survivors in a Welsh, Clausi and Sawicki race. Also, the domain name is still available for according to 

In other county business:

Non-union employees granted 3% raises.  Although there was a circus in voting on these raises,  The raises which total to 69,000 dollars amount to less than .1% of the counties 69.4 million dollar budget.  In other words, .1% is 1 dollar for every 1000.  The raise will affect 136 employees. However, the war on labor continues throughout the land.

Richard J. Schoch announces candidacy in the GOP primary for commissioner. 

Former Northumberland County Commissioner Allen J. Cwalina takes up new residence.

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