Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday and the Winner Is..................?

I don't like diving into professional football too much to off a winner, but for the last time in what looks to be a long time, here it goes.  With an extension of the last collective bargaining agreement, Super Bowls have turned out to be great games and not super bores.

I am not looking at any kind of great stat or match up.  For some reason, I like the Green Bay Packers today.  Here is the main reason why.  The Packers had to go on the road and beat the best the NFC had to offer.  The only team they didn't face was the Saints who were up and down most of the season.  The Pack made it look easy dominating Philadelphia until Michael Vick nearly pulled the game out of the fire, beating up on Atlanta, and easily handling Chicago.  Chicago is dreaded Baltimore game for those of you from Steeler Nation.  Have you noticed the Pack running the wishbone down opposing teams throats?

As far as point spreads, there have been two double-digit underdogs in the last 10 years.  The Patriots and Giants both won outright.

The Steeler fans do celebrate their six Lombardi Trophy's.  For crying out loud, the last two were against Seattle and Arizona.  Both make it into the top 10 as worst Super Bowl teams of all time.

I am on record in today's Daily-Item print edition.  As of this writing it did not make the online edition yet.  My pick is the Pack winning 23-17.

After today, who know when the next Super Bowl will be played.  The owners will be trying to slash 18% from players payroll....good luck.  For all you Cowgirl fans out there, thank Jerry Jones.

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