Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tom Corbett's War on Education

Last week PA Governor Tom Corbett unloaded his budget on the citizens of Pennsylvania.  Although PA is faced with a 4 billion dollar budget shortfall, the budget didn't have any new tax increases, but took an atomic bomb to education in PA.

Whatever you feelings about education in Pennsylvania are, the governor punted.  His proposal if passed and it does seem likely will drastically change the education landscape in PA for years to come.  Not only were there steep cuts to the local level but post-secondary levels were pushed back to 1983 funding

I my neck of the woods, you could look at the potential problems at these schools.

You could get a hint was coming when the PA Senate introduced SB1 long before Corbett took the oath.  SB1 is the school voucher program. A 4 billion dollar budget shortfall and the vouchers are the number one priority?????

If passed in the present form, the budget will do the following; increase tuition for college, increase class size in most schools, raise property taxes, and simply lose a generation of students.  There are people from outside the commonwealth that think our universities have something to offer.

What Tom Corbett really said to the people of Pennsylvania is that the people your sons and daughters spent the most time with and have the most influence on are the problem with society today.  Shame on you Governor?  Who ever said you have a friend in Pennsylvania??????

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