Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Donald for President? Look Beneath the Surface!!!

It has been touted around for a few weeks now about Donald Trump possibly making a run for President in 2012. On the surface, Trump appears as tough, no nonsense business winner.  If you ever made a trip to Atlantic City, it is possible you may have gambled in one of his casinos or have been a guest in one of his hotels. You may want to have him on your side in the board room, but as a business person maybe not.  If his legend ever met the real person would they recognize each other?

From Snyder County Commissioner and chairman of the Snyder County Republican Committee in this weeks Daily-Item:

Kantz thinks Donald Trump would be a strong Republican choice.

“I know a lot of people don’t take him seriously,” Kantz said, “but I like that he is a tough, America-first businessman, and not afraid to take on the powers in the Middle East. He also has that star power that can take on Obama. And he’s well-known by the younger generation.”
So far in this millennium, business under the Trump umbrella have filed for bankruptcy 3 times.  You could also look back as far back in the 1980's with Trump as an owner of the New Jersey General's of the USFL.

For those of you who don't remember, the USFL was a professional spring football league that played for 3 seasons.  (Philadelphia was the dominant team, but that's another story.)  It was the Donald's idea to sue the NFL and try to play a fall schedule and go toe-to-toe with the NFL.  The NFL had a 400 million contract at the time and the USFL had a 20 million dollar contract.

At the time baseball was undergoing a few scandals and some labor strife.  Spring football was actually catching on in the country and most USFL owners were happy with the spring slate.  The USFL had a marketable product.

Trump figured he could back door his way into the NFL and triple or quadruple his franchise investment.  The USFL won the court case and damages for one whole dollar which was tripled under US anti-trust laws.  In 1990 the USFL was issued a check for $3.76 which was never cashed.

As a candidate for president, you may want to look for someone who could build on "We, the People" not "I, the Donald."

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