Thursday, August 4, 2011

Look Out Below!!!!

Today, the Dow tanked 500 points.  If your cashing your retirement out Friday,  you could have a problem.  On July 21st the Dow closed at 12,724.41.  Today, the close was 11383!!!!  A loss of 1341 points in two weeks!!!

It is interesting how it parallels with the debt-ceiling debate.  The real crisis is jobs.  WE HAVE A JOB CRISIS!!!!!!

Since coming to the majority on January 3rd, 2011, the House GOP has yet to introduce a jobs bill.  I have made a little counter on the left to remind them how long they have had the power to do so. 

This guy has some good ideas:

And the best way to get jobs and growth back is for the federal government to spend more right now, not less – for example, by exempting the first $20,000 of income from payroll taxes this year and next, recreating a WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps, creating an infrastructure bank, providing tax incentives for small businesses to hire, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, and so on.

Good night and good luck!!!

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