Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mount Carmel - Lewisburg Round 1

In a week where the Susquehanna Valley was revisiting June of 1972, there was one football game played in Central Pennsylvania.  Lewisburg hosted Mount Carmel at Christy Mathewson Stadium at Bucknell University.  The Red Tornadoes scored 27 unanswered points for a 27-16 win over last years District IV AA Champions.  The Green Dragons were attempting to beat Mount Carmel 3 games in a row.

You can read the coverage of the game here and here.

Some observations from the sidelines:

Merle Moscarello is the best player in the Heartland Conference.  Runs like Ricco Rosini alum of Southern Columbia.  Moscarello has that rare combination of power and speed.

Mount Carmel although highly touted at this time still has a long way to improve.  Right now, too many fumbles and turnovers on offense very sloppy tackling on defense for a Red Tornado team.

The Mount Carmel O-line was very good in pass protection and very good in the second half.

Lewisburg is very quick on turf and maybe more athletic in week 2 than Mount Carmel.

Mount Carmel should scrap the old option play with Varano trying to read the defensive end.

In team spirit, it was great to see the team rally around Zach Wasilewski especially without Shustack and Lamb in the backfield.

This is a rematch worth seeing sometime in November.

As far as the decision to play football last night.  It was totally up to Lewisburg.  They have to look in the mirror today and wonder if it was worth playing with university students being evacuated and part of the town being flooded a few blocks away.

For the players, it was still hard to gauge, how the weather affected each squad.  I guess we will have to hold judgement until November.


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