Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 3 Wrap Up in the Heartland Conference

Broadcasting the Southern at Shamokin game, you can tell how far the programs have pulled away from each other.  When the series first started in 2005, Shamokin had enough athletes to compete with two D-1 recruits and one who would go on the NFL and pull off a 19-16 win in overtime.  Much has changed in the last six years.  Shamokin quickly found themselves down 18-0 and trailed 25-7 after the first quarter. 

For a brief moment, the Indians were within 25-14 with the football and 3 minutes to go in the first half deep in their own territory.  The punter botched an easy snap inside the 10 and Southern scored getting the opening kick of the second half. In a few minutes of game clock it was 40-14 Tigers.........game over!!!! Southern started to insert the JV's with 5 minutes left in the 3rd.  This is with Southern's defense struggling at times.

Say what you want, the Indians problems don't start on the high school level.  But once they arrive, they tend to grow.  One thing really missing from the Indians program is not program coaches but programs kids.  Although Brad Fegley is a first year senior starter, he guided the Tiger offense overcoming 3 years worth of injuries and set backs.  Matt Moore another senior is seeing his first action on offense and making big contributions to the Southern running game.

Call it a case of Tiger pride.

Favorites around the Heartland are beginning to show in week 3.  Mount Carmel and Southern still remain as the the top two teams.  Lewisburg is still number 3.  Bloomsburg remains at number 4.  Danville is the new team in at number 5 replacing Selinsgrove.  Milffinburg (3-0) remains a team to watch.

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