Sunday, October 2, 2011

What is the Correct Suspension?

This past week several football players from Mount Carmel have been suspended for two games for violating teams rules with an underage drinking incident.  As a local broadcaster and covering high school sports for 21 years, it seems like this issue is a topic of discussion. 

Selinsgrove Area chose to suspend 9 players for the season with a similar issues.  Shamokin is a less publicized event lost a few players for code of conduct issues.  Finally, it is Mount Carmel's turn to be in the spotlight. Drinking and high school football in this area have around since high school football started.  Does that make it right?  Once I read the late George Homiak's account of playing in the 1927 state championship game against the Western Conference.  He did say it was cold at the game that players drank some whiskey at half time.

When did it become a problem?  Often times before modern DUI laws came about in the early 1980's, the problems wear looked the other or swept under the rug.  In the 1970's, officers would ID offenders and tell them to get the hell home and get ready for their next game.

Now we live in a society were if the first call by the student is to the parents, the second phone call being made in the equation would be to lawyer.  I really don't have skin in this game at all.

For the most part all schools can do is define a policy.  But for the most part, it is a policy of "ask no question, and I won't tell you any lies."

The bigger question to ask every year is why does only the football team get singled out. Is it because it is the first sport on the school calendar?  You never hear of mass trouble for basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, band, golf, cheerleading, cross country and track?

Good luck!!!

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