Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Northumberland Count Makes History With Election

For the first time ever, Northumberland County has elected an independent candidate to the Board of Commissioners.  Steve Bridy of Elysburg becomes the first independent candidate to win the office. He will join Vinni Clausi (D) and attorney Rick Shoch (R).  Ousted was Frank Sawicki (D) of Mount Carmel seeking a 3rd term and long time state rep, Merle Phillips who was appointed to fill the term of Kurt Masser who won when Phillips retired from his state house seat.

Phillips was an easy mark collecting a huge pension and saying he would only serve out Masser's term.  Sawicki did not get along well with Clausi.  As Democrats they never ran as a team, possibly costing Clausi a seat on the board 8 years ago. 

Bridy comes from a finance background and once again as the DA's race in Luzerne County, incumbency was a weight to bear. 

Northumberland County is looking for financing for a 5 million dollar OHV Park in the southern end of the county while facing a projected budget deficet.  The solid numbers aren't in yet.

Mark Anonia lost his bid at reelection for the Shamokin Area School District Board.  He was the only incumbent to survive the primary, but ended up losing in the general election. 

The question of the election will it still be anti-incumbent in 2012?????

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