Thursday, December 15, 2011

The War is Over

Today the US Flag will come down for the last time and the troops will be leaving Iraq.  The costs were some 800 billion in money, nearly 4500 KIA, and over 32,000 US casualties.  History will judge if it was worth the cost. 

For the record, I was against the war.  If anyone cares to remember, we entered the war looking for weapons of mass destruction. 

What I will take from the conflict is how once again over a million troops volunteered to serve our country.  Your sacrifice can never be measured.  PA National Guardman, Sherwood Baker became the first PA guardsman killed in action since World War II.  Also, locally Captain Rober Scheetz and Sgt. Matthew Sandri were killed in action.  Jessica Lynch who served with honor will receive her teaching degree tomorrow.

For all the troops leaving Iraq and heading back to the USA, welcome home!!!!!!!

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