Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is It Radio? No It is PA Live!!!!!!

Yesterday was my big day on live TV, a chance to cook on WBRE 28 (NBC) live variety show called PA Live.  I submitted a recipe received from a friend that was a very healthy version of turkey chilli.  I asked my good friend and fellow umpire Joe Bordell pictured above to accompany me on the trip to Wilkes-Barre.

Doing any kind of live show can be fun, but many times something can go wrong.  Through my years of working in radio, I lived by my 10 commandments.  Get there early and be prepared.  I repeat these commandments 5 times each for 10. 

Joe and I arrived at 3 pm and were led to the set by an intern from the the University of Scranton who looked no older than 16.  We got a quick wave from our hosts, Dave and Monica.  They looked a little busy to chit-chat and I thought it would be better to get prepared for the show.

We walked out onto the set and were showed where the cooking would be done.  The kitchen was modern and first class.  I got to talk to production staff that would help get the show on the air and through an hour without a glitch.  Many shared the same radio background as I.  We laughed about some of the things that go wrong technically but you manage somehow to get through. They also loved my jersey of the most famous high school player in America, Polk High's Al Bundy.

Cooking sometimes can be a chore, but working with a little timer in your head can be a little stressful.  My main objectives were to finish the meal by shows end, make sure preparations was done accordingly, and finally have the staff enjoy some healthy chilli.

Dave Kuharchik and Monica Madeja are great hosts.  I hope the show does take off and becomes an afternoon staple.  After a quarter century of the same talk, unreality based TV it is nice to find some variety going back to an earlier time.  Lost in my cooking, I didn't get to appreciate the work of singer Phil Mentor and the show on based on cultural diversity.

Here is a link to some of the video.

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